Apr. 11th, 2016

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And thank goodness for Kindle anthologies of novels. Since I'm still unemployed, I'm reading a lot, although not as much as I could be. The Pima County library system can't hold a candle to San Diego's, but it still has a lot that I want to read.

I've read the first in the "Emperor's Edge" series. I got the first three books for 99 cents after reading the first one for free. I have a friend who is an absolute fanatic for these kinda steampunk but not really novels. I enjoyed the first one but haven't gotten to the next ones.

Kevin Hearne's "Iron Druid" series is a complete guilty pleasure. It is an urban fantasy reminiscent of Harry Dresden in that the main character is a grown-up but juvenile-acting wizard. It takes place in Phoenix, AZ and deals with the Celtic pantheon coming through in the modern world. I'm ashamed to admit I gobble these up like ice cream.

The Templar series by Joseph Nassisse. I don't feel as guilty about liking these. The Templars are now the special forces of the Vatican. Nassisse knows Catholicism, and I find myself geeking out because he gets things like uses of relics and magical uses of Church doctrine right. I now have five of these, and have read the first two.

I'm almost done with Acacia: War Against The Mein by David Anthony Durham. It's compared to George RR Martin, of course, but this first book in a trilogy has none of the mean-spiritedness. I'm 75 pages from the end and NO RAPE. Awful things happen, but off-screen and without detail. I'm very much looking forward to the other volumes.

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