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Over the past year or so, I'd become resentful of having to go to the gym and keep fit and under a certain weight. Now that I've changed units, I find that that's lifted. I think it's that I know I have a much smaller amount of time and money to commit, so the gym can be more for me and less for Uncle Sam. Steve and I both refer to Uncle Sam as my abusive second husband, saying "You stay skinny and attractive, or I'll throw you out!" Which is what it comes down to when a Command Sergeant Major can ban hairstyles because he doesn't think they are attractive. There was one which was pretty popular back in 2005 which was a short back that lengthened towards the front. CSM didn't like it, so he banned it.

But as I said, I feel more like doing this for myself now.

I realized that I need to do more weightlifting, to keep my bones dense. I have to mentally remind myself of this because it's just not something that otherwise occurs to me. I still think I'm 25. I'm twice that, and I figure if I can be muscular with tough bones I'll be able to keep thinking that.

The other thing to keep me feeling 25 is mental agility. I'm--torturing is the wrong word, but I do my best to stress my intellect--using Hebrew. Hebrew is not an easy language and the letters tend to all look like each other. But there are women in their 80s and 90s at my synagogue who read like rabbis and are sharp as tacks, so Hebrew is probably a good plan.

Certainly I have felt more welcomed at temple than I ever have in a Catholic church. Living out where we do, I value that sense of community and am trying to spend more time there. I keep saying that I'm not committed to conversion, but I'm putting out an awful lot of effort for someone who claims to be ambivalent.

This is also because when I have been OMG SO SURE of things I wanted to do, it's because I had doubts. I also don't feel any need for urgency. The only thing I can't do is be called to the bima to read Torah. It's not as if I'll go to hell if I don't accept the Torah as my Personal Lord and Saviour. And even if I did, it'd be Jewish hell and the food would be good.


Jan. 10th, 2016 08:21 pm
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Big changes, though. I have put in my transfer for the JAG team in Mesa, Arizona. Mesa is 90 minutes away from my house.

Big differences. During the winter, they do PT in the afternoon because it's too cold for them in the mornings. So on Saturday I was able to leave my house at 0700 and arrive at 0830. They also believe in leaving work no later than 1530. This means that today (Sunday) I was home in daylight, in time for dinner. Steve wanted Mexican food, so after some negotiation we decided on Chuy's for chicken nachos.

Also the two female enlisted both are into ghosts and ghost TV shows. One of the has a friend who is a "paranormal researcher" here in town, and he is co-author of some books on haunted Tucson. I've put a hold on his book through the Pima county library.

So overall feeling optimistic about this change in my Army job.
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I finally got the nerve to start up my new Singer Simple. I watched the DVD that came with it and sat down to fill the bobbin.


I read online to see if I'd done something wrong. I called Singer. They said it sounded like the machine was defective and to just return it. I was sad.

So we traded it for a new one. And it works! I filled the bobbin, threaded the machine, and sure, the tension on the thread was too loose at first, but I was able to fix a skirt and run another experimental seam on a trashed t-shirt.

I broke a needle, but that is all me because I forgot to raise the presser foot.

I have plans.
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I've been in a depression for the past couple of days. Yesterday I worked at home and then Steve and I went to the National Guard gym for a workout. For dinner he made a hearty chicken soup using broth he canned himself!

Today he had medical appointments, so I had the house to myself for most of the day. As an introvert, this was long overdue. I mostly did Army paperwork, forwarding e-mails I sent around the 19th to the people I'd mailed them to the first time who hadn't seen them for whatever reason. My NCOER support form (my input for my NCOER which is my "report card" as an NCO) is done and I sent it on Sunday. It's not due till January 4. I ended up resending that, my transfer request, and more medical records to support my request for a walking profile (a document saying that for medical reasons, I cannot run). If I end up not going to drill weekend at all in January, you know I won't cry.

Oh yeah, and I had a third interview (over the phone) with Pima County. The fourth step will no doubt be in person.

I also scrubbed our granite counters and cleaned up the kitchen floors. I cleaned the litter boxes and got the dirty stuff out the door.

Steve came home with a rotisserie chicken, so now we're watching WWE Network but will switch over to "Daredevil" in a few.


Dec. 26th, 2015 10:40 am
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The key word for 2016 is CREATIVITY.

Steve got me a Singer Simple sewing machine. I have watched the DVD, purchased three spools of thread and a pair of shears. It's Shabbat, so I will start using it after sunset.

He also got me three of the grownup colouring books currently in vogue and a set of ALL the crayons Crayola makes. The colouring books are designed for pencils, so I bought a set of 32 of them (Crayola brand again) for $3 at Walmart.

More journaling. I say that every year, and honestly I'm not a piker when it comes to journaling, but I can always be more diligent.

And as ever we have a fantabulous kitchen and both "The Joy of Cooking" and "Mastering the Art of French Cooking" which is all a body needs.
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Attention [ profile] ebenbrooks, I re-watched "The Road to El Dorado" while in a very un-prickly mood and enjoyed it quite a lot. I still think Miguel looks like you.
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Recently there was a controversy about SF conventions and if they were doomed because so many younger fans are brought in by gasp! MEDIA. This trend probably got it start when Star Trek's original series made its debut. But in true "Get out of my yard, you damn kids!" fashion, some elder literary fans have been predicting the death of SF conventions because oh noes, no one is reading classic SF anymore!

My question is, since it was getting stale and offensive when I myself was a teenager, why would we? I know someone wrote a really good column about that, so moving on....

I don't think it's fair that some purists place literature on a higher pedestal than TV or film. I mean, Babylon 5 anyone? Recently there has been a huge bounty of intelligent SF/Fantasy/Horror on TV. Sense8 on Netflix really made me want to growl at the "literary classics or you are not an SF/Fantasy fan" crowd.

Aside from the wealth of superhero shows on basic cable and Netflix, there is now a lot of short films on YouTube and Vimeo. I watched one on YouTube this morning, called "6th World", made by a Navajo producer and director, with Navajo actors.

Because of digital books, authors can now present their work in very professional formats without the hassle of agents and publishing companies. I've read some really good novels that way. (Also some really bad ones, but that's the risk you take.)

SF and fantasy still needs conventions. Perhaps it needs them even more, because we have more to choose from than ever.
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Worked from home half the day, drafting an attorney's fee application.

Made the elaborate potato casserole Mandel requested for our Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow.

Helped Steve get the filling together for the apple pie (baked in a cast iron skillet) we are also taking to dinner tomorrow.

Did my laundry.

Had an acquaintance from FaceBook over at the house. Before that, Steve and I did a quick and dirty tidy of the main room, which now looks so much better.

Now it's time to get in bed and rest up for the long day tomorrow. We're going up to Phoenix, and while that's a 90 minute drive, we're going to be roasting the turkey when we are there. Mandel already has that and the stuffing at his place. The stuffing is a brand called Mrs Cubbison's, which I had never heard of until I moved to the west coast. We always used Stovetop or made potato-sausage stuffing from scratch.
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I did a full day working with KC, and he was wowed by how much stuff I get done. He's kind of hyper, so my task is to stay on track. I work at the dining room table for the moment, with his brindle boxer dog Lena wandering around and getting slobber on me. I love dogs, so that's just fine. Except I might be allergic to her; I'm sniffling and blowing my nose a lot.

The goal, however, is for me to work remotely. Between professional Dropbox, (a cloud-based software for law offices), and leaving my professional Gmail open, I should be able to only come downtown once or twice a week. The only problem with that is Chug. Chug wants to be with me All The Time, which is fine if I'm just puttering on the internet for fun and a little work, but not when we are trying to get bankruptcy documents filed on PACER.

Yanksgiving is Thursday, and we're going to Negativsteve's Orphan Thanksgiving up in Phoenix. Steve and I are doing the cooking. We're bringing up an apple pie, a potato/onion/cheese delight I got from Seba O'Kiley (the Southern Fried Kitchen Witch), and a cucumber salad. Also Steve's finished and seasoned by hand cast iron cookware and possibly the propane stove we keep out in our enclosed patio, we haven't decided yet. Yes, we are hardcore enough to bring our own stove.

New Job!

Nov. 16th, 2015 06:53 pm
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I now have yet another "called out of the blue and offered a job" job. Actually this one did involve an interview at lunchtime at Bruegger's Bagels. I was called an hour later to say I had the job.

Long story very short, the attorney I'll call Konor is striking out on his own after 15 years of white-shoe firms. He does financial law and has three cases already on the go. He's doing the Lincoln Lawyer thing, going to his clients with no office since everything is accessible from the cloud. I can definitely work in that kind of environment, so as long as I have his cloud-based legal software on my laptop and Microsoft Office I'm good to go. I'll be telecommuting a lot, so I am overjoyed about that. That will save me on gas since of course he's downtown. He is planning on getting an actual office at some point, and I've been involved in the whole "find an office and set it up for clients" thing before. I have plenty of ideas.

I start Monday.
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I haven't done so much as write fanfiction in well over a year. I've barely touched my harp or strumstick. Today I decided to take some measures to have a program to get my imagination and creativity back.

To this end, I've printed out The 7 Week Life Cleanse, which you can Google and find for yourself. It's about prioritzing and making room for what you actually want your life to be filled with. I do have two time drains in the form of my daily 90 minute round trip to work and the amount of time I really should be spending in the gym. I don't count work as a time drain; getting paycheques are a very nice thing. We'll see how this goes.

I'm also thinking of getting the new $49 dollar Kindle Fire. It has expandable memory, and that is key. My main concern then is finding homes for my 10 inch Samsung tablet and my current Kindle Paperwhite. Inquire here if interested.

I finished reading two books, so that made me feel accomplished. Overall this was kind of a distressing day. It was chilly and rainy, and I had a pretty bad anxiety attack. I took my Ativan and fell asleep with my boy cats beside me and woke up feeling better. Now I just have this nagging headache to deal with.

Job interview tomorrow.
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I haven't been writing in this LJ as often as I wanted. I feel worse about that than I thought I would

I did my usual Army weekend this past weekend with the enthusiasm I usually feel these days. No one told me to do a makeup APFT (Army Physical Fitness Test) because we had a huge SRP. I did have to be weighed and taped--and I passed. I so did not expect that to happen.

Saturday was slow at the SRP, but Sunday was an absolute zoo. We did 16 wills, and that's without the specific legal software we're supposed to have.

I did make it to Friday night Shabbat service at Temple Emanu-el in San Diego. I've noticed that if there's a Reform temple in a city, chances are it'll be called Temple Emanu-el. If there are several Reform temples, one of them will definitely bear that name. This Temple Emanu-el is kind of the Jewish chapel for SDSU. It's half the size of the temple here in Tucson, and the service was definitely oriented to a student crowd. The female rabbi played guitar and led the singing. The male rabbi played a Magein David-shaped tambourine. People did the wave to one of the upbeat hymns. Another one was sung in Hebrew to the tune of Bob Marley's "Redemption Song". Rabbi Devorah invited those who knew the original version to sing it with her in English and I think I was the only one doing it.

It was an energetic, happy, Kabalat Shabbat, but it was also more than a little weird. Still glad I went.

I got home from San Diego at 10:30 Sunday night as usual. I took a shower, had a glass of wine to relax, got up at 6:15, and headed out to work at Tucson City Hall. I'm transcribing City Council meetings that haven't been done in six months or more. It doesn't pay a lot, but everyone is friendly and it's not insulting brain-dead.

Wednesday is Veteran's Day, which means free meals for veterans. Steve wants to embark on the project of my meals all being free that day but that might be a little more food than I want.
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I posted on that other social media site that I wasn't sure if I was depressed or lazy. I've actually been doing quite a lot: I apply for a job every day, have been taking classes, my laundry is done. Steve and I have been going to Mt. Lemmon for hikes.

Thing is, I want to be creative and can't bring myself to do it. I'm not even writing fanfic, much less working on my YA novel, playing music, or learning to sew. I'm forcing myself to write this entry right now.

It's in the 60s and raining right now, which certainly isn't helping.
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Yesterday, the weather took a fast turn and rain moved in. My nose was running in sympathy. Despite that, I got a couple of job applications turned in. One of them is at Raytheon and involves checking documents for proper security classification. It sounds really interesting and I hope to get an interview.

I sat with the cats in the bedroom watching more of the first season of "Supernatural" in the afternoon. That show manages to get quite scary at times. I'm on the last season of "Fringe", and once I'm done with that show I'll resume with "Supernatural".

Steve and I have also started "Sense8" on Netflix. That's a show where we only watch one episode at a time; there is a lot to digest.

Current reads are "Fool Moon", which is book 2 in the Harry Dresden series and "Myths and Symbols in Pagan Europe" by H. Ellis Davidson.

The Iliad

Oct. 15th, 2015 09:24 pm
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I'm throwing in the towel on it. It comes across as a bunch of testosterone-poisoned men determined to massacre each other over stealing each other's baseball cards. And by baseball cards I mean women. And then the gods and goddesses take sides.

Moving on to The Odyssey instead.
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I woke up in an awful state this morning. On Steve's suggestion I took some Ativan, which made me mellow out and also go into a tidying frenzy of my study.

I moved a narrow bookcase from there into Steve's study, and loaded it with law books and gun books and other things of his that he might want handy. My shelves are now neat and sort of organized, but even after isolating a tall stack to go to Bookman's, I can see I'm running out of space.

After hours with the Help Desk, and going out at 7 pm for another CAC reader, I finally, FINALLY got Enterprise e-mail to work. And Defense Travel Service too! Just for that I feel like I climbed Mt. Everest.

My old job paid my last check. I had a telephone job interview at noon; the contracting company is in Arlington, VA and already seem much more professional than the company I've been working for. The contract is only six months, but it's at the Immigration court, so I told the woman I was very interested. Since there are several positions, and I already understand the background check silliness, I think I've got a good chance and am projecting my acceptance of the job into the universe.
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I had an epic freakout about money yesterday. Then I resumed trying to fix my Army e-mail. Yes, I called the help desk, yes I used, no, it's still not resolved.

I did get contacted by a firm that hires interpreters, did their on line application, but haven't heard back.

More V.A. fun today.
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I am amazed at how busy I am even unemployed. I do spend a lot of time applying for jobs, have been moving things around in the house, reading books, and not going to the gym as much as I really should.

Saturday was Tucson Meet Yourself, which is our yearly folklife festival. We made the aquaintance of Pascua Yaqui artist Lydia Maldonado, who surprisingly doesn't have her own web site. She does soft-focused images of modern day Native life in Arizona. There was one portrait of a boy on a basketball court that really drew Steve's attention, but right now we don't have any money to spend. I feel strongly about having art in homes but the circumstances aren't right.

We found out that U of A has a tree ring lab, and they give tours. Tree rings are one of the best recordings of weather and rain fluctuations, and correspondingly the reason I don't believe in purely anthropogenic climate change. I am continuingly interested in this subject, so I need to give them a call.

We discovered there is a very large Turkish population and a Ukrainian one as well.

Finally, we came away with information on how to be a professional interpreter (I doubt if there is much call for French, but I'm going to register anyway), a book on Arizona state parks, and the surprising knowledge that Tucson has three Buddhist temples.

We opened the saloon at 7 pm as usual. We only had three or four people come by. Today (Sunday) I went to pick up some wood pallets from a woman who lives northeast of us. She said she wants to come by the saloon one Saturday, but that between long hours at work and having animals, she is usually just too tired. I encouraged her to do so because when we do get a larger crowd we are able to talk about wandering animals, townies coming up to our area to shoot guns randomly and how we can stop them, and of course the ever popular well woes.

Someone had to come out to find out why our well pump was getting wonky. Turned out it was a circuit breaker problem, and everyone is grateful for that because it's a pretty easy fix. After that, Steve and I watched "Frozen" which we'd gotten from the Redbox. It wasn't one of Disney's best efforts, but it was Scandinavian and had good themes. Earlier I watched "Jupiter Ascending" which I enjoyed a lot more than I thought I would. It's a science-fiction fantasy tale with amazing costumes, sets, and special effects.

I'm also reading "The Iliad" finally. Of course I know the story, but I'd never actually sat down to read the whole thing. I'll tackle "The Odyssey" next.
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I didn't get the job in San Diego. All they're hiring out there now off USAJobs is medical staff and DECA employees. (DECA is the Commissary System).

So I drove to Walgreen's, LHI packet in hand, directed to get my flu shot and an MMR shot. Why the MMR I don't know; I'm 50 years old and immune at this point to all three. The Walgreen's where I had my appointment scheduled didn't have the MMR vaccine on hand anyway. They also didn't know how to handle the LHI paperwork, despite being a provider registered with them. After five minutes of them fumbling around, and more customers showing up, I picked up my packet and left. I drove to the Walmart Neighborhood Market where I got my flu shot last year. Walmart honours TriCare (Walgreen's doesn't) so I got my flu shot with no problem. They didn't have the MMR vaccine on hand either.

I went home and applied for a couple more jobs. I have a phone interview for a six-month contract at Immigration, but no other nibbles. Pima and Pinal Counties both are taking applications, but only to hold onto them until they need to hire people.

I haven't felt this "blocked at every turn" emotion for a long time, and I really didn't miss it.
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The original plan was for the San Diego team to go up to Los Al on Saturday, spend the night in the on-post billeting, do the APFT (pt test), then go back to San Diego. I would just leave on Sunday from Los Alamitos, or stay Sunday night in Los Al and drive home Monday.

Well, that got changed the Thursday before. Now the APFT was going to be Saturday morning, which meant that after staying the night in SD on my own dime (because there was no money in the government coffer to pay for it), I got up at 0430, drove to Los Al, took the PT test and failed my run by 40 seconds. Incidentally, the run was a full five hours (and a 90 minute drive) after getting up. So I'm flagged and cannot be promoted until I pass both another APFT and BMI.

I stayed Saturday night and had been told there would be a full house in the billeting. There wasn't. I ended up having my own room. At least that was a nice surprise.

Sunday night I was one of maybe six people in the whole building. It was unnerving although I knew I was probably perfectly safe. I had crazy dreams and woke up convinced I was in a film directed by Salvador Dali.

My drive was okay, although severely slowed down by heavy rain in California. It stopped by the time I reached the mountain pass before Ocotillo, and I made good time into Arizona. Once home, Steve made a homemade pizza baked on one of the cast iron pans he's restored, and we watched wrestling.

Now I'm sitting here unemployed and I know I need to start making profiles on yet more job sites. It'll happen. I just need some time to breathe.

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