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I finally own a copy of "Star Wars: A New Hope". Or, speaking as a senior citizen, just plain "Star Wars".

We had $40 in credit from Bookman's, the Arizona used-media chain. You get in-store credit for trading in books, music, musical instruments, art, etc. I went to the big one on Speedway Blvd hoping to find a copy, since there were none at the other two locations in town.

They had one copy of the DVD, so I snagged it. It's not the two-disc "limited edition" that contains the CGI-desecrated version as well as the original as it was shown in theaters in 1977. But even the CGI-desecrated version is better than no copy at all. It restores one of the scenes with Luke's friend Biggs, at least.

Such a wonderful movie. People may argue with me, but I do think "The Force Awakens" was a worthy sequel to "Episodes 4-6", and seeing this reminded me of why. Both films definitely have the same "gosh-wow" spirit and theme of the accidental hero. (I prefer to pretend the prequels don't exist.)

I also got something else I'd been wanting forever, namely a hardcover one-volume Lord of the Rings. It's not the edition I most covet, which is the red faux leather edition, but it was $8, so it has pride of place on my nightstand.

Today things were a bit tense at home, so I took off again for Bookmans with a huge bag of DVDs to trade in. Bookmans took everything and gave me about $30 of credit, $7.50 of which I used to buy two more volumes in the Kevin Hearnes "Iron Druid" series. Since I'm going to Huachuca for two weeks starting next Sunday, I figured it'd be a good time to read them, although I'm bringing my Kindle with me too, of course. Then I went next door to Beyond Bread and wrote fanfic and had a scone and tea until it was time for my conversion group meeting over at the synagogue.

I came home and put Chug on his harness and seatbelt so I could drive around a little bit to see how he dealt with it. He complained of course, but not very loudly once we were off the dirt roads. He's coming with me to Ft. Huachuca since Candlewood Suites allows pets in the rooms. This is probably my last Army Reserve Annual Training, so I'm making it as comfortable as possible.

Oh, I got my application to the Veteran's Administration in for a Disability rating. I filed through Disabled American Veterans, who said if I get denied or given an insultingly low rating to come right back to them and file the appeal. We'll see what happens.
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I received an unexpected but VERY welcome phone call today from a nurse/case manager at Army Reserve Health Readiness. Long story short, I now have a P3 profile, which means I can't run anymore, and must do the 2.5 mile walk for PT tests. This automatically raises the question, "Do you want to stay in the Army, or do you want a Medical Evaluation Board?"

"The MEB, please," I said.

The reason is this. If I argue at the MEB that all my injuries and my COPD are service-related (which they are), I can be medically *retired* rather than just medically discharged. A medical retirement means I keep all my military benefits until I die. I also get to take all that paperwork to the V.A. and say, "Give my my pension."

So it's official. I am too broken to be in the Army. My Annual Training next month will be my last hurrah. I'll go to drill except for when I don't want to.

Get me out of this.
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The original plan was for the San Diego team to go up to Los Al on Saturday, spend the night in the on-post billeting, do the APFT (pt test), then go back to San Diego. I would just leave on Sunday from Los Alamitos, or stay Sunday night in Los Al and drive home Monday.

Well, that got changed the Thursday before. Now the APFT was going to be Saturday morning, which meant that after staying the night in SD on my own dime (because there was no money in the government coffer to pay for it), I got up at 0430, drove to Los Al, took the PT test and failed my run by 40 seconds. Incidentally, the run was a full five hours (and a 90 minute drive) after getting up. So I'm flagged and cannot be promoted until I pass both another APFT and BMI.

I stayed Saturday night and had been told there would be a full house in the billeting. There wasn't. I ended up having my own room. At least that was a nice surprise.

Sunday night I was one of maybe six people in the whole building. It was unnerving although I knew I was probably perfectly safe. I had crazy dreams and woke up convinced I was in a film directed by Salvador Dali.

My drive was okay, although severely slowed down by heavy rain in California. It stopped by the time I reached the mountain pass before Ocotillo, and I made good time into Arizona. Once home, Steve made a homemade pizza baked on one of the cast iron pans he's restored, and we watched wrestling.

Now I'm sitting here unemployed and I know I need to start making profiles on yet more job sites. It'll happen. I just need some time to breathe.
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It was with some sadness that I packed up and left my little apartment. It's been a happy little nest for two weeks.

I did have a talk with SGT Convert. I explained that he really needed to be careful what he was talking about during work hours. I said I wasn't going to debate same-sex marriage with him, but since now DADT has been dead for three years, there could be soldiers with same-sex partners around, and he'd just insulted them with his comments.

"Replace the word "gay" with "black", I told him.

He hadn't thought of that.

I assured him I would always rather talk to someone directly than go behind their back to file an EO complaint. And yes, he was opening himself to that. I think he was suitably chastened; I hope so.

We briefly went into a conversation about the classical view of the Virtues and living according to them and that was that.

I drove home without incident, and came home to spouse, cats, and some wresting. The WWE network is $9.99/month and we get our money's worth out of that.

Today I had a day to myself as Steve went off to a shooting match, where he did better than he'd hoped. One of the competitors was in his 90s, and Steve compared him to Yoda, hobbling on his cane, pulling out his lightsaber, kicking ass, then picking up his cane to hobble away. That is an inspiration.

Since my vegan Vietnamese food was subpar Wednesday night, I asked Steve if we could go to Miss Saigon. My vegan rolls on Wednesday were filled with fried tofu and rice noodles, but not cilantro, shredded carrot, shredded cucumber, mint, and all the other things that should have given them flavour. My entree was supposed to be vegan rice noodles but the fried tofu was oil, the rice noodles were barely present, and most of the vegetables were sliced celery, and I LOATHE celery.

Miss Saigon gave us nice vegetable-filled fresh rolls, a delicious shrimp curry and for me, beef, chicken and shrimp with carrots and broccoli in a nest of fried noodles. Yes, we're glad to have Miss Saigon near us.

We need to rest up tonight, because we are going to one of the two county fairs going on these two weeks in our area.
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When I started here, I was put in the office of a sergeant who was out for the week. He had a crucifix on his bookshelf, a Divine Mercy print, and a Catholic parish calendar. There was also an anti-"gay agenda" book on his desk. I thought this was rather inappropriate for a government office but whatever.

He came in on Friday and by that afternoon I passed him talking to a captain downstairs about how the civil rights movement has led to gays flaunting their sexuality because "How would we know what they're doing in bed unless they talked about it?"

I bit my tongue, wanting to point out that the fact that he has photos of himself, his wife,and their baby in his office qualifies as "flaunting sexuality".

On Monday I passed him AGAIN as he was griping about gays. At this point my "repressed homosexual" alarm is starting to go off, because it's common experience that the louder a man gripes about gays, the sooner it is that they're found in a highway rest stop with someone's dick in their mouth.

Today as we were doing our PT run he passes me, talking to the same captain as before about how "we" are finding out that contraception is bad for women, physically and psychologically.

Then it hit me. That new-convert smell. It's not always a good smell, and it sure isn't here.

We reach the PT field and now he's talking about abortion and how lawmakers re-define "kill" and taking innocent lives. "No abortion talk before 0830!" announces the female attorney. He kept talking about what "thou shalt not kill" meant. Finally I said, "Did you know that in Leviticus, the fetus is viewed as just another part of the woman, not a life in itself?"

"No fetuses before 0830!" the attorney said again.

"You're a convert, aren't you?" I finally asked and yes, of course he is!

Later that morning I overheard her telling him that things like this could bring about EO complaints. I would tell him to his face that he's being offensive before I filed an EO complaint, and I still might tell him he's being rude and wrong.
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Meet Bubba!


Bob and Julie the next door neighbours, have barn cats. This one kitten, though, did not have the personality for the job. All he wants to do is hug humans. They couldn't keep another pet, so they asked if we wanted him. Bob was clearly pretty upset at the idea of parting with the kitten, who is about three months old, so we assured him we'd give the bub a good home. Ivan was of the opinion that we should call him "Beelzebub" so Bub it is. He loves everyone, snuggles and cuddles us, and is beyond thrilled to have endless food and a warm bed to sleep in.

So I'm knackered to be away from home this weekend! I'm in Los Alamitos for a three day Reserve weekend and don't want to be here, even if I do like the people in my unit a lot.

The anxiety isn't going away. I've made a note to call the VA on Monday to talk about adjustments.
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To celebrate the introduction of the iWatch and iPhone 6, Apple put a copy of the latest U2 album in everybody's iTunes. I can absolutely understand why people are raging about this, and they are right. Me, I just like free music, and so far it's being an enjoyable album. I haven't bought a U2 album since "Joshua Tree" and while they have lost their fire in the belly, I can see myself putting this one on sometimes.

I got a start date on my job! I start September 29, because I have VA appointments and MAJ T's wedding on the 22nd, in San Diego. The OUSA (Office of the U.S. Attorney) decided to waive my background check, so I can haz job. This means putting off ALC for another year, but I don't care. A fat-ass paycheque trumps six weeks of misery on the east coast.

I'm thinking of getting a Chromebook. I am wary of becoming a materialist, but I was fiddling with some at Best Buy cool.
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You know the old saying. Thing is, even if plans don't work out, that doesn't mean they will end badly.

I woke up this morning at 0600, naturally. I got dressed and went outside to resume digging trenches. I have one more side of the garden to go, and I hope the rains predicted for this weekend won't undo everything. I hope that damp ground will be easier for digging the trenches a few inches deeper. If I get up that early tomorrow, I intend to pull up some more weeds and keep prepping the ground

I ordered a whole bunch of Army uniform stuff from the AAFES website, which made me unhappy. I know I'm not going to wear that pair of mandatory dress gloves more than once, if at all. I think all my dufflebags were loaners from Ft. Benning, so I had to order another one of those, and a few more PT shorts and pants. And for all that, I STILL need to make the two hour drive to Ft. Huachuca to have more service stripes and now my overseas stripes sewn onto the jacket of my ASU (what most people would call a "dress uniform"). I don't want to go to ALC as it is; to have to pay for the privilege makes me just want to start hitting (appropriate) people.

I was going to ride my bike to the mailbox, five miles away, but it was 108 so I decided not to.

My final plan was to go to the Tucson Death Cafe at the coffee shop located in the Metal Arts complex downtown. When I showed up it was a lot of old people sitting in a circle, waiting to start talking about anything related to death. Hzzzzz, not my scene, as I wanted to talk about the green cemetery project that is in its early stages here in town, and perhaps my beloved Skinny Lady. I didn't think this bunch would be too receptive. Steve was already downtown, so we decided to get dinner.

Now, being the son of a West Texan, Steve is very, intensely, fussy and critical when it comes to slabs of dead cow. I hastily consulted Yelp on my phone and found a place called Cody's Beef and Beans that had mostly good reviews, so we went there.

Now, beef is not my favourite thing to eat, but I decided to try an 8 oz prime rib because beef is what the place specializes in. It was quite tender and juicy, with no seasoning. Some people like that, some people don't. Steve was amazed at how perfectly his ribeye steak had been prepared "black and blue". We both had baked potatoes and the beans that are touted in the name of the resto, which were delicious. I still brought home half my meal, including some fat for the kittehs.

I pulled a brisket out of the freezer some days ago. I'm gone this weekend and the brisket might have gone gamey by then, so I'm making a slow-cooked chili tomorrow. I can't find the pestle for my mortar and pestle, which is driving me crazy because I have chilis that need grinding. Guess I'll give using a rolling pin a shot until it shows up again.
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I am not looking forward to ALC (what used to be BNCOC) at all. This is the school that is needed for my next Army promotion. It's from October 19 to November 23, and supposed to be super-stressful. I was reading the packing list and even got some packing done today, but I'm already depressed and anxious about it. I need to buy more PT shorts and one pair of PT pants, and I may need to purchase more uniform items too. Of course, after this school I won't need them again for years, if at all. At least we all have our own apartments at the Residence Inn for this ordeal; that means a lot, especially if we're only going to be sleeping four hours a night.

My purple bike is up and running, and I took a short ride today. I am going to see if I can go to the mailbox tomorrow, since that's a 10 mile round trip and should be a good workout. Soft sand is a challenge to ride in, but it's a beach bike and meant to deal with such. The key is to keep moving, just pedal a little slower.

I saw the movie "Elysium" which I got off Netflix. Steve got bored and annoyed with the obvious propaganda within the film and left about halfway through. I finished, but it ended with all the action-movie tropes one can expect. I feel sometimes that Americans should not make SF films.
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It's not my first birthday away from home, doing the Army thing, and I'm sure it won't be the last. I'm in Los Alamitos, and it's being okay.

I work at the 78th in the morning and the 11th in the afternoon. We've been making excellent progress on discharge packets. Since the 78th was out this weekend, I worked all day this weekend at the 11th. The paralegals I worked with are still there, none of them promoted. They are on their third Staff Judge Advocate (SJA) in a year. They may have shed First Sergeant Hitler, but the place is still ate up as hell.

But it's been positive. MAJ M, who is at the 11th to get the experience points for LTC, had to bring her little boys to work because she didn't have any childcare. J1 and J2 are 10 and 7 I think, and she put them to work making copies and running files between the offices. When I went to the PX to get a Coke Zero they were my battle buddies. And today the whole office got me donuts and a card for my birthday, which made me very happy.

I am having a quite evening at "home" tonight. Since a lot of things are closed on Sunda nights, I decided to celebrate last night. I went to Franco's on Cerritos and had an amazing meal: green salad, chicken stuffed with mozzarella and spinach on linguine with a vodka cream sauce and flourless chocolate cake. What made this meal extra good was that the serving sizes were sane. Nothing was the size of my head. I walked out full, but not groaning.

After that I went to the local Games Workshop and kept painting my Golden Knights Space Marines. It wasn't much socialization but it was some.

Lastly, I went to the Goodwill next door and scored myself a red hoodie for $4.00. I am working on collecting a rainbow of hoodies, since they give me my superpowers.

So spending my evening reading and writing and listening to music.
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I dreamt last night that I was working on Coronado again, only I was in the Army full time. I had been assigned to the awful old woman who was my boss at Montreal Trust in 1991-1992. Alfreda had made one adjustment to the future though; she was running a DOS machine with a dot matrix printer. The pool of paralegals outside her office contained the SFC from Bagram whose antics drove me to a suicide attempt (see the entries from December 2009).

It's hard to piece together what exactly was happening when. One of the Army sergeants I was working with in the dream had to do a conference call with her Basic Training company because she had missed part of Basic and if she didn't do it, her rank would be revoked. She was crying later because none of us came to her Basic graduation after she did the bit she was required to do. So I got to watch someone else's "sent back to high school" anxiety dream. I felt bad for not going to her Basic graduation.

The Navy were doing a lot of marching around in formation atop their ships. I kept having to dodge their formations as I was going to the office where I worked. I hate drill and ceremony and thought, this is in my future as the Army goes back to garrison life.

I also met briefly with T. Thorn Coyle on the way. She'd just done a workshop and I asked her about the coincidence of working for two bad female former bosses. I started talking about opening my own credit union (do not ask me where THAT came from). She said I should do it, and that this came from my grandmother, who was standing behind me.

I went to see the SFC, who made snarky comments about me being lazy. I told her Alfreda never told me anything she was doing. SFC said, "Oh, you've come to me for advice". She turned on Alfreda's ancient PC, and we also looked at the dot-matrix printout on her desk where we discussed everything on it.

There was a side dream about people who kept sending me questionable images from a science fiction manga they were reading, which ended with two men (not boys) kissing. I appreciated the gesture, but not at work.
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This past weekend was my PT test. Everyone remembers how bad the last one was. This time, I scored 100 on pushups, an 89 on situps and a 77 on my run. I cut two minutes off my run too, which is MASSIVE. I still needed to be taped after height/weight, but I passed it comfortably. I'm hoping that in six months I won't need taping.

I trained for my run by getting on a treadmill, setting my speed for the result I wanted, and just doing 2 miles at that speed. Tomorrow I'm going to set a distance goal of three miles rather than a time goal.

I celebrated by eating what I wanted: French toast, lemon merengue pie, pizza, sushi, etc. No, not in one sitting. I'm back on the weight-loss wagon today.

Once my NCOER gets handed in, I'll start on my promotion packet. I have lots of shiny new medals with promotion points attached to add.
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My birthday is Friday, August 10. I'm looking for a place to have a shindig. I even went and ordered this dress:

To be my "pretty dress" since I already have Ugly Dress, and I love it. But it's not suitable for going out.

I was recommended the Lei Lounge on Park under the University Heights sign. Upside: good, stiff drinks, yummy food. Downside: too much pig on the menu (Steve is allergic) and the parking situation is not something I want to subject anyone I like to.

I am leaning towards having Italian food at Florencia's on University and then heading up to Ritual to have wine and beer on their patio. Parking still isn't perfect, but there's a pay lot at worst.

This is my drill weekend. It's also Pride, which normally I shun because I find it offensive that one must PAY to attend the festival. I still felt somewhat interested, but nope, I have Army. What's worse, my brilliant chain of command has decided that first formation at 0645 for PT is a good idea, for both days. So I have to drive up Friday night. I believe I have a hotel room paid for by the unit for Saturday, but I don't know where so that causes my anxiety-prone personality more anxiety.

I'm also plain burned out. I'm well into my seventh year and it's starting to be exhausting to make that 103 mile trip every month. It was okay when I was working at Steve's, because I could take Monday off and leave Friday afternoon to get there, etc. Now that I'm working full time, it's not so easy. I also hate the fact that the Army is judging me so hard for being a bit chubby. I've gained four pounds again since the beginning of July, although judging from clothing fit I *think* it might be muscle weight. My clothes are all loose and a photo taken on Tuesday shows me looking noticeably slimmer. Thing is, the Army doesn't care because they're all about the BMI. I am angry because I'm really happy about being almost 50 and looking this good and being in way, way better shape than most of the women my age. I'm a Leo, and I'm very vain. The Army does not want to let me feel good about it. Uncle Sam is an abusive husband.

Off to set up my coffee pot and get ready for tomorrow.


Jul. 13th, 2011 01:13 pm
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I'm feeling whirled-about and confused. Within a week of coming back from Texas we had a new cat and new shutters, so I I'm back to feeling like I don't live in our condo, that I just stay there sometimes. This weekend is drill, and it's a change of command ceremony that I'm not looking forward to.

I keep hoping each unit I join will be better and they're all bad. As most people know, the deal for Reservists and Guard is "one weekend a month and two weeks in the summer". JAG often breaks up the two weeks into several events. Well, I didn't get to the suicide-prevention training and they lost my orders for the JAG paralegal training I'm supposed to be at right now and the week of training I had for August. I've resubmitted paperwork for August. The impact of not having the AT is that I lose points towards my retirement. I don't know how this will resolve and I almost don't care anymore. Ma'am knows and we know EXACTLY who is to blame.

Tonight I hope/plan to just go home, get a turkey we've been defrosting into the oven before it goes gamey on us, and hang out with Steve and the cats.

Oh, and Little Orphan Kitty's name is Lalat, a Pashtun word for an Afghan wild mountain tulip. When K our interpreter told us that word, I knew I'd have to use it as a cat name eventually.
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Okay the most recent of many. Shadow drove down from Austin to see me, getting trapped for an hour in South By Southwest traffic. I brought out the tea, bollilos, pan dulce and books I'd brought for him and put them in his car, which is a frightening POS. No, we didn't ride in it and he emailed me to let me know he got back safe.

We strolled the wrong way up the Riverwalk, turned around and went back so we could eat at the Hard Rock Cafe, because he likes the Hard Rock brand in general. We didn't drink any alcohol so I can't comment on the stiffness of the drinks, but my cheeseburger was good if a little less cooked than I like it.

Steve texted me during our meal to let us know of his Great Success. He got a verdict in and now he stands at 20-1 in his trial record. That's 20 victories, not the other way around. Shadow ate of the Swine of Victory on his behalf.

I have to say that downtown San Antonio looks pretty much like downtown San Diego, just with no palm trees and much more crime.

We talked fanfic a little, but more about music, movies and the lifestyle of the downtrodden mass known as the NCO corps. More money, more adulthood, and we can't even look back at the carefree life of the E4 Specialist rank because we were always the Bedrock Upon Which The Unit Relied even then.

He's really cute with his beard.

I'm now ready to finish off the latest chapter of AMS, because I'd wanted some info on how tank drivers are trained before moving on with that. I'm also going to write some of the next chapter of "In Vain Doth Valour Bleed" because no, he hasn't forgotten about it, he just hasn't had time until now and wants the jump-start. So I know what I'll be doing tonight. The conference is heading out to the Alamo in about half an hour. I promise not to urinate on it.
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Since Bean! is in town, we've been able to have both him and Ryan over a lot lately. Matt isn't here, and [profile] electorprince really isn't a stand-in, but a separate character so we still feel a Matt-shaped hole in our lives.

We've kept the first couple of days easily. E-prince is enjoying watching [profile] americanstd and Ryan play Dante's Inferno and he and I watched "Call of Cthulhu" on Netflix.

Remember how I used to complain about Ryan and [profile] americanstd going on and on and on about Final Fantasy XI for hours on end? I got my just revenge by having E-prince and Ryan go on and on and on about "Song of Ice and Fire" of which all three of us are nutty fans. We plan to go to Mysterious Galaxy on Wednesday to hear [personal profile] grrm read from "Dance of Dragons". We have been scheming how to make the old guy finish the damn thing; he's tormented us for long enough.

Yesterday was July 4 and it was totally about old times. Bean! had been drinking since 10 a.m. and passed out on the bed. Steve barbecued steaks and some kabobs I'd made. Ryan drank beer. We played video games. E-prince and I stood outside listening to fireworks and reminiscing about taking mortar fire in the Middle East.

That's something that's meant a huge amount to me. [profile] electorprince arrived in uniform, so I met him in uniform. He made a pistol-shot motion at me on the escalator down from the gates, I shot him the middle finger and we embraced. After a later dinner at Saguaro's, Steve went to play Final Fantasy as E-prince and I retired to the deck with rum to talk about what I refer to as My Little Incident. I'm not going to recount the contents of our conversation, because that's between the two of us, but dear gods it's good to have someone who utterly and completely "got" what was going on in my head that night I sent Steve the e-mail that caused Shit To Go Down. Even though he hates the term "battle buddy" he is mine and I love him for it.

Steve has work tomorrow, so the E-prince and I are going to see the Tarim mummies at the Bowers Museum. I've sent in most of my paperwork that the 78th needs and I should be completing my transfer to the 11th in the next couple of days.
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I dreamed that I was told to report BACK to Bagram since the work had stepped up so much that they needed everyone back who'd worked my particular mission. I went back and found SFC N had been called out of retirement and TSGT H had been the one to call me at home to tell me to come back. I went back, a few of us went to a DFAC, and I started to have an "out of uniform in public" dream. I realized the only ACUs I had were the ones I was wearing, that I had no PT uniforms, and that I'd left the duffle of uniforms currently under my bed in the real world under my bed. Oh, and no one knew how long these orders were for so I couldn't just wing it with what I had.

I was allowed to go back and get the duffle. I flew into San Diego and Steve immediately started playing video games, talking on his bluetooth and someone from a legal temp agency who kept calling and asking for me. He told me I shouldn't use my civilian cell phone to call because it was too expensive, and I asked him to get my Afghan phone but he kept playing video games. I started having an anxiety attack. Since we were sitting on the bed in my dream and I woke up in the bed (obviously) I woke up wondering when I had to leave for Afghanistan and how to make sure I had everything I needed and how long I'd be there for since CPT S said "Oh, probably about six months" in the dream.

It took me about ten minutes of walking around making coffee in the real world until I finally became convinced that I did not have orders to send me back.

But I'll check AKO just in case.
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One thing that drives me insane is when people, normally neocons, pound their chests for war without ever having served in the military, even in peacetime, and furthermore, don't do so much as to even send an Any Soldiers package. These same neocons hotly defend their right to call for war while being staunchly NIMBY with regard to their own personal involvement.

When called chickenhawks, they defend themselves by saying it's a fallacy. Curious about what their arguments are, I went to this entry,, and realized that debunking their arguments was too, too easy. Read more... )
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Not a scare tactic, I saw this in "Army Times". Here, Glenn Greenwald writes commentary.

It's not long, so please read.
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Sometimes, my mom shocks me. I graduated from Ft. Jackson in late August of 2005. Steve came to my graduation; my parents wisely decided to let us have that event alone. However since they were so very near by when I was at AIT that I could spend weekends at their house, they of course were at my graduation then.

My mom was of course most unhappy at me joining the Army. She is phobic about guns and very upset whenever she saw a class marching to chow, carrying weapons.

One part of the graduation ceremony is showing this video, which she adored, and I did not expect that. I ended up sending the link to her:

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