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I'm misty-eyed and homesick and Steve says, "Wow, that is MOVING!"

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This is the cover story on Stars & Stripes today, and if you look right now on you can see the story on the front cover in situ:

And related, on the same day:
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Because raw milk gives me a hard time, I put soymilk on my cereal in the morning. Today as I sat on the couch watching CNN with cereal bowl in hand, a certain little girl came up beside me and started pushing her little grey nose into it. It seems that SOMEONE has been teaching her that begging is acceptable behaviour from cats. Who could have taught her such a thing? Who COULD it be? When I gave her the bowl after I was finished, to show her that it was soymilk and not the cow's milk she was anticipating, she still took a few sips from it. She also was interested in the pear I was eating yesterday afternoon. Health conscious cat? Time will tell.

We've been forking out more money than we wanted. Steve has proved terribly allergic to the litter we've been using for years. The difference is that while Badira always got in the box, did what she came to do and got out, the Tsaritsa is an archaeologist. She'll dig for half an hour straight, because if she can find some ancient artifacts for her Imperial Brother's Reichsmuseum (sp?), she's onto it. This leads to two things; pounds of litter on the floor and a cat covered in litter dust. She would then go and snuggle with Steve, where the dust and the perfume in the litter made him sneeze and cough.

So we've bought a covered litter box with a door and invested in a wheat-based litter that is low dust and free of fragrance. This is the first time we've ever used anything like this because my only experience with a covered box was Dennis refusing to use it because he was a claustrophobic cat.

In the evening, Steve's friend Tony came down. Tony's birthday is the 26th, so we all went to Dave & Buster's for a bit to celebrate. Good time was had, not a lot to say about it.

Finally, what the hell is going on in Toronto? The shooting last night was bad enough, but the CBC says that was the 52nd gun death in the CITY alone. Usually Toronto gets 52 homicides or so a year, but to have this only be the shooting deaths? Since Canada has no "right to bear arms" I see strict measures ahead.

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