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Okay, weird things that I get nostalgic for. Everyone knows how much I loved my room in Kuwait, where I had two wall lockers, an electric kettle and a half-fridge full of food and fake beer. I also had cable TV, and when I was watching in the evening, this was often the bumper between shows. I particularly remember it coming on before "Ghost Hunters International" which I watched on Sunday nights. Star World (an international channel owned by Starz) had three versions of this, one for India, one for Asia/Phillipines and one for the Middle East. Obviously, this is the one for the Middle East.

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Sounds like it's now declassified:

My beloved Afghan ladies and kids were the families of the detainees, who are mentioned as coming to the facility and getting vitamins. Also, when witnesses came, or observers in the case of General Mohib, they were served the same meal and tea the detainees got. The hospitality SOP was one I came up with; Major Bell wanted them to be brought food from the DFAC. I (for once politely) disagreed and we took it to the Skipper as tie-breaker. He agreed with me.

And it's being handed over to the Afghan government eventually and it'll all go to shit and Pol-i-Charki conditions.

This was the work that kept me sane. I also court-reported a lot. A LOT.
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This is a Pashtun mens' ring dance, which I recorded at the last Eid celebration.

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What kind of a truck is this? If you click the picture to enlarge, you can see writing on the side.

How I live

Jan. 14th, 2010 09:40 pm
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I live in the corner of our tent, with about 18 inches in which to move. SPC Gustavo doesn't mind; he's doing a somersault off my cot. Top right you can see a corner of my Guadalupe poster, bottom right you can see the fake African violet sent to me by [profile] lucy_indisguise.

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The promised Soviet pictures. This is one of their guard towers:

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First, a typical AJ vista. To answer the question "Does it all look that barren?" the answer is, "Unfortunately, yes."Read more... )
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The United States, spreading freedom everywhere! Also obesity.

Taco Bell, Kuwait


I haven't eaten at any of the above yet. People who ate at the Burger Thing yesterday experienced tummy upset. Rather, today the DFAC served Indian food. Do you hear me? INDIAN FOOD!
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So here I am at the Atlanta airport, sitting crouched near an outlet so I can charge my laptop and phone.  I've got a few hours left in the U.S., and that's ample enough time to do all the internet things before I leave.

I feel irresponsible.  Steve needs me in his law office and his father is not well. 

I'm still having to tell my teammates that we don't have to do EVERYTHING together, really we don't.  I've made it quite clear that once we're there, I intend to seek out Canadians, science fiction fans, anime fans, etc. 

Mum is nagging at me to go to Mass.  She asked me if I went today and I said I hadn't any time, which is 110% true.  In fact, most of what we've done has taken place on Sunday.  There was, of course a special lunchtime service on Monday by the Evangelical Protestant chaplain. 

I finished another chapter of my current fanfic and e-mailed it to my beta reader.  Yay!

Steve says Mei-Mei's glucose is still normal and that she's been polite and good lately.

I'll write again when I reach Kuwait.

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