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She can't quite revert from the diabetes. It's just barely there. We tried her without insulin for a week, but by Friday she was high again. We weren't able to test last night and when we did at 1 pm today we found that she was high so we gave her a unit of insulin. 6 hours later she was down to 68, so she reacts quickly to this and I know that within the week, even 1/2 unit twice a day will be way too much--but she'll still need a little help. Guess who's off to the vet next week when I have time during the day again?

This sounds bad but it really isn't. At 10, Badira had a thyroid problem and just after Steve and I got married in 2009 she almost died of diabetes, or the ketoacidosis connected with it. At 10 Dennis Murphy was grotesquely obese, pre-diabetic (though we didn't know it then) and beginning his fatal trip into renal failure. In contrast, at 10 Mei-Mei is "pre-diabetic" and that's all. She has a little wear and tear on her kidneys but the doc is happy overall with her blood panels. Knock wood and give a treat to the hjemnisse that she stays that way!

She and I had some nice afternoon mommy-kitty time though. I sat on the bed and read from Deuteronomy for a while before switching to Harry Potter. She played with the light reflected off the brass knight bookmark [profile] seki_raku brought me from England. This will all come to nought when we attempt to brush her teeth for the first time because she really needs it.


Feb. 25th, 2009 09:14 am
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We took Mei-Mei off insulin and within a few days she had elevated blood sugar.

What's vexing here is that when we took her off, she was on 1/2 unit twice a day. I can't give her any less than that. So looks like I'll be taking her in to the vet in the next two weeks to see what alternatives there are. Something like the pills that didn't work in spring of last year because they were too feeble might end up being the solution this time. Her lil' pancreas clearly needs assistance, but possibly not the twice a day insulin bomb.

Otherwise, she was bouncing around last night and partying like a furry rock star.

I'm actually feeling a bit relieved now that I know she's drinking and peeing because of diabetes. It's a problem to which I know there is a solution, and it's one we already possess.

Happy news

Feb. 13th, 2009 01:11 pm
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Steve just did an ear test (he's at home today) and Mei-Mei's glucose was 68, after half a unit (almost no) insulin. She's reverted! Glory alleluia!

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