Jan. 1st, 2012 04:56 pm
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AMS 6 is almost finished. I'm just working on a mobile suit battle right now. I'd forgotten how much I dislike writing those things, but I gotta. Once it's done, it's off to [profile] electorprince for review.

I had to do the George RR Martin thing and take chapter 6 and break it into two, with the end result that chapter 7 is almost finished. Unlike George RR Martin, this means that you'll be seeing the last chapter in much less time than you saw this one. I had much of it written before June of 2010.

After this, Gato wants to be the centre of attention again, although there's a good chunk of a Dozel story done, and Kishiria has been neglected for a few years now.
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Okay the most recent of many. Shadow drove down from Austin to see me, getting trapped for an hour in South By Southwest traffic. I brought out the tea, bollilos, pan dulce and books I'd brought for him and put them in his car, which is a frightening POS. No, we didn't ride in it and he emailed me to let me know he got back safe.

We strolled the wrong way up the Riverwalk, turned around and went back so we could eat at the Hard Rock Cafe, because he likes the Hard Rock brand in general. We didn't drink any alcohol so I can't comment on the stiffness of the drinks, but my cheeseburger was good if a little less cooked than I like it.

Steve texted me during our meal to let us know of his Great Success. He got a verdict in and now he stands at 20-1 in his trial record. That's 20 victories, not the other way around. Shadow ate of the Swine of Victory on his behalf.

I have to say that downtown San Antonio looks pretty much like downtown San Diego, just with no palm trees and much more crime.

We talked fanfic a little, but more about music, movies and the lifestyle of the downtrodden mass known as the NCO corps. More money, more adulthood, and we can't even look back at the carefree life of the E4 Specialist rank because we were always the Bedrock Upon Which The Unit Relied even then.

He's really cute with his beard.

I'm now ready to finish off the latest chapter of AMS, because I'd wanted some info on how tank drivers are trained before moving on with that. I'm also going to write some of the next chapter of "In Vain Doth Valour Bleed" because no, he hasn't forgotten about it, he just hasn't had time until now and wants the jump-start. So I know what I'll be doing tonight. The conference is heading out to the Alamo in about half an hour. I promise not to urinate on it.
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I just wrote this paper for Intellectual Property class. Due Wednesday, but I've got drill this weekend so I needed to get stuff done in advance:

This paper deals with fanfiction and some of the legal issues surrounding it. The questions surrounding the subject are generally if fanfiction is a derivative work, if it is a transformative work, and if it provides any benefit to society. Some authors and creators of television shows are tolerant of fanfiction while others are notoriously litigious. A few legal writers such as Rebecca Tushnet and Christina Ranon have argued for a legal exemption for fanfiction because of this. The main question which Ranon and Tushnet ask are, is fanfiction derivative or transformative? Also, could an exemption be made for it under fair use?

Read more... )
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This is a well-known article on fanfiction and copyright. Rebecca Tushnet makes an argument for fanfiction to be an exception to copyright.


Scroll down to "writings" and click on "Legal Fictions: Copyright, Fan Fiction, and a New Common Law". It's a 38 page PDF but the print is large and the text itself accessible to a lay reader.
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(I wrote this when I was thinking about what the aftermath of the events in the original "Wicker Man" would be. Howie cursed the island, and it occurred to me that the curse could bear fruit in the form of a plague of....hippies. For all that, this isn't a satiric story.)

“You come from SUMMERISLE?” Vanessa’s hazel eyes grew wide with admiration.

Rivka McTavish, whose birth records gave her first name as Bramble, put her hand over her eyes, wishing Brienna hadn’t brought that up. “Yes, I’m from Summerisle.” She waited for the inevitable next set of questions, neo-pagan variety.Read more... )
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This is kind of a long video, starting with a religious ceremony in Sta. Muerte's honour, turning into the band doing a song celebrating her as well. Not something you see every day.

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I just found the greatest Santa Muerte EVAR! This is her in the style called "Dona Sebastiana". I've written stories about Dona Sebastiana in the past. She featured in a story I wrote called "In The Street Of Souls" about 17 years back and Lt. Luna Ruiz prays to her to guide her Zaku's machine gun in "Quinto Sol":

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Well I've got a problem. Both Lady Une and Cecilia Irene wants songfics about them, but they both want the same song: "Because the Night" by Patty Smith.

I'm debating how to make two characters catfight in Jell-O for the honour. I think Une would win, honestly.
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A new page and a half has been added to "Another Man's Son". Off to the gym now. I have jury duty tomorrow, so the day will probably be dominated by DVDs and reading.

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