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Picture to come, but I'm selling my Harpsicle. It's the basic model and looks like the one in the icon here. 22 strings, 26 inches high, solid maple, no signs of wear. She holds tune like a dream. Comes with tuning key, stand, and padded Harpsicle case. $350.00; the harp and stand alone are worth $325.00.

If you're interested in harp, but not sure if you want to commit to an expensive instrument, this is the one for you. I'm selling it because I bought a new harp and I don't have room for two.

Message me for more information.

Since this is my personal LJ, and this is cross-posted from [ profile] san_diego, I'll here share the news that I have a new harp. Not that I don't love Camilla, and I'm grateful to her for being my first instrument. I'd keep her if I had room in my tiny house, but I don't, and she's too big to take along as a deployment instrument.

My new harp is a Noteworthy "County Mayo". Picture here:

Her name is Nuala. I can't wait to get home, tune her up, and play! Full levers, bitches. FULL F'N LEVERS!


Feb. 9th, 2011 11:26 am
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I've had my second harp lesson and am making progress. However, I have one serious problem with practicing at home.

I have a certain little guy who wants to play harp as well.

Ivan wants to pluck the strings. Ivan wants to stand on the harp and supervise. The last straw today was when he was hanging by his front paws off the pillar (the highest part at the front). While a statue of him doing that would make a darling decoration on the pillar of a full-sized pedal harp, not so cool off of poor Camilla. So looks as if I have to practice with him either locked in the bedroom or with Steve distracting him.
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