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Picture to come, but I'm selling my Harpsicle. It's the basic model and looks like the one in the icon here. 22 strings, 26 inches high, solid maple, no signs of wear. She holds tune like a dream. Comes with tuning key, stand, and padded Harpsicle case. $350.00; the harp and stand alone are worth $325.00.

If you're interested in harp, but not sure if you want to commit to an expensive instrument, this is the one for you. I'm selling it because I bought a new harp and I don't have room for two.

Message me for more information.

Since this is my personal LJ, and this is cross-posted from [ profile] san_diego, I'll here share the news that I have a new harp. Not that I don't love Camilla, and I'm grateful to her for being my first instrument. I'd keep her if I had room in my tiny house, but I don't, and she's too big to take along as a deployment instrument.

My new harp is a Noteworthy "County Mayo". Picture here:

Her name is Nuala. I can't wait to get home, tune her up, and play! Full levers, bitches. FULL F'N LEVERS!
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First, a link to a video of Irish harpists for a cause:

And the sound of the French Gothic harp, which sounds very unique:

And this lady has a history of harps, with pictures:
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Last week, we put in a bid on a 2-bedroom condo closer to El Cajon Blvd on 33rd. We'll hear tomorrow if our bid was accepted.

I'm waiting for my re-enlistment bonus to come in. At best, it'll arrive in June since the contract says it takes 45 days to process. We'll see. I'm not encouraged by our Unit Administrator saying she'd have to "research" how it works. She also asked me for some annexes to my contract, but I don't know if she means my original 2005 contract or the 2010 one. She is competent, but so far this unit has been pretty jacked up. My request for lodging, which I gave to my squad leader as I was instructed, has apparently never made it to Corporal Snippy Little Bitch, for instance. That won't impact me much as I'm planning on getting a room on post on my own dime this weekend so I can shower right away after the PT test.

My harp teacher, Ramona at Harp Haven, introduced me to a County Mayo 30-string harp with full levers today. I had my lesson on it instead of the usual Lyon & Healy Troubadour and I was much more comfortable. The Troubadour is six feet tall and the County Mayo, made by Noteworthy, is only four feet tall. It is light as a feather against my shoulder. I'm in love and I want to buy it, but I needs my bonus!

Life is good, but I still hate the Army. That is all.
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Just an FYI. This is the Supersicle:

I must say I'm already not a fan. The one thing I don't like about mine is the lack of soundbox. She's got a sweet little voice, but that's the problem--Camilla's voice is small because the soundbox is. This is a $1400 harp that STILL has a wee little soundbox. I'd rather pay $400 more and get a big soundbox with an accompanying big voice.

Not feeling well. The rapidly-moving weather fronts have given me a terrible headache and today a mood swing kicked in as well. At least it's on Sunday so I don't have to deal with it with a job interview scheduled or something. The headache though is something else; any worse and I'd have been headed for the ER for a shot of percocet. It's not as bad now, but it's still there.
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As some of you many know, the Irish government plans to build a motorway right across the hill of Tara. This is a largely unrehearsed demonstration against this archaeological and historical outrage, 30 harpers playing "Brian Boru's March". (Off topic, I am enchanted by the bright blue pedal harp.)

URLs are posted at the end of the video. Save Tara!
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Free online mariachi harp lessons.
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The new Jameson ad shows a rockstar kinda guy playing a green harp. Quite fun.
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Today I made a trip I'd been intending to do for a while, up to Harp Haven to look for my next harp (to be obtained when I have $$$).

Harp Haven is located uphill on the road between the Travel Lodge and King's Inn on Hotel Circle, in a little white house. Ramona the owner gives lessons and her husband (who wasn't there at the moment; I think his name is Tim) restores instruments.

I'm still going "hmmmm" between a Ravenna 26 with sharpening levers on the C and F. I'm starting to feel the need for levers but so far *full* levers seem like overkill and I don't think that's going to change. It's the same price as a Sharpsicle, but since the harp is heavier with a bigger soundbox (darned near anything has a bigger soundbox than anything from the Harpsicle family) it has a really big voice for the size. The leg that stores inside the body of the harp is very nice too. Usually I sit on the floor or ground while playing, and it was very comfortable to sit on a bench with the leg raising the instrument to the right level.

On the other hand, there's a Paraguayan harp she really, really wants to get rid of and she dangled an $800 price tag as a lure. If I had that, I'd bite, but I don't. The Paraguayan harp has no levers, but it does have several more octaves and is taller than me. The tension on the strings was surprisingly low, and with my tiny fingers the narrow spacing was just fine.

The Salvi Eire is nice too, but if you like them, get them while they last. They're making them in China now which lowers the price to about $750 but you get what you pay for and you also have the fact that it's made, you know, in CHINA. It still sounds better than one of those rosewood Pakistani harps but still, bleah.

One thing in the store was interesting for historical reasons. Ramona takes harps that can't be played anymore and tries to re-purpose them, like the Lyon & Healy Troubadour that has a pillar that started to warp, so she's turning it into a big wind chime. They're trying to figure out what to do with this battered old thing that looks like a fence post now, despite the traces of bright paint here and there, and whose bridge pins are all rusted. It's called the Circus Harp you see, and it was owned and played by Harpo Marx. I've no idea how it came to such a pass.

I came out with some simple music written for the Harpsicle since I've been jonesing for a version of The Ash Grove (aka Llwyn On) and the version I have is beyond my ability at this point, plus a bit "busier" an arrangement than I'd like anyway.

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