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Guess who was CONVINCED that [profile] electorprince's flight was today?

It was yesterday.

While we certainly don't mind having him stay with us a couple of more days, I do mind having to get him another ticket to send him home and the fact that he really does want to be back in Texas.

At least he loved the Chicken Pie Shop on El Cajon to pieces.
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Okay the most recent of many. Shadow drove down from Austin to see me, getting trapped for an hour in South By Southwest traffic. I brought out the tea, bollilos, pan dulce and books I'd brought for him and put them in his car, which is a frightening POS. No, we didn't ride in it and he emailed me to let me know he got back safe.

We strolled the wrong way up the Riverwalk, turned around and went back so we could eat at the Hard Rock Cafe, because he likes the Hard Rock brand in general. We didn't drink any alcohol so I can't comment on the stiffness of the drinks, but my cheeseburger was good if a little less cooked than I like it.

Steve texted me during our meal to let us know of his Great Success. He got a verdict in and now he stands at 20-1 in his trial record. That's 20 victories, not the other way around. Shadow ate of the Swine of Victory on his behalf.

I have to say that downtown San Antonio looks pretty much like downtown San Diego, just with no palm trees and much more crime.

We talked fanfic a little, but more about music, movies and the lifestyle of the downtrodden mass known as the NCO corps. More money, more adulthood, and we can't even look back at the carefree life of the E4 Specialist rank because we were always the Bedrock Upon Which The Unit Relied even then.

He's really cute with his beard.

I'm now ready to finish off the latest chapter of AMS, because I'd wanted some info on how tank drivers are trained before moving on with that. I'm also going to write some of the next chapter of "In Vain Doth Valour Bleed" because no, he hasn't forgotten about it, he just hasn't had time until now and wants the jump-start. So I know what I'll be doing tonight. The conference is heading out to the Alamo in about half an hour. I promise not to urinate on it.
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Since Bean! is in town, we've been able to have both him and Ryan over a lot lately. Matt isn't here, and [profile] electorprince really isn't a stand-in, but a separate character so we still feel a Matt-shaped hole in our lives.

We've kept the first couple of days easily. E-prince is enjoying watching [profile] americanstd and Ryan play Dante's Inferno and he and I watched "Call of Cthulhu" on Netflix.

Remember how I used to complain about Ryan and [profile] americanstd going on and on and on about Final Fantasy XI for hours on end? I got my just revenge by having E-prince and Ryan go on and on and on about "Song of Ice and Fire" of which all three of us are nutty fans. We plan to go to Mysterious Galaxy on Wednesday to hear [personal profile] grrm read from "Dance of Dragons". We have been scheming how to make the old guy finish the damn thing; he's tormented us for long enough.

Yesterday was July 4 and it was totally about old times. Bean! had been drinking since 10 a.m. and passed out on the bed. Steve barbecued steaks and some kabobs I'd made. Ryan drank beer. We played video games. E-prince and I stood outside listening to fireworks and reminiscing about taking mortar fire in the Middle East.

That's something that's meant a huge amount to me. [profile] electorprince arrived in uniform, so I met him in uniform. He made a pistol-shot motion at me on the escalator down from the gates, I shot him the middle finger and we embraced. After a later dinner at Saguaro's, Steve went to play Final Fantasy as E-prince and I retired to the deck with rum to talk about what I refer to as My Little Incident. I'm not going to recount the contents of our conversation, because that's between the two of us, but dear gods it's good to have someone who utterly and completely "got" what was going on in my head that night I sent Steve the e-mail that caused Shit To Go Down. Even though he hates the term "battle buddy" he is mine and I love him for it.

Steve has work tomorrow, so the E-prince and I are going to see the Tarim mummies at the Bowers Museum. I've sent in most of my paperwork that the 78th needs and I should be completing my transfer to the 11th in the next couple of days.

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