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This is just me throwing out initial pitches, but I'd ultimately like to do something.

Our condo is, well, kinda beige. Some pics:

The predominant colours are beige, brown and blue. I'm thinking about how to add some more colour. Fake plants are a good possibility (can't have real ones or certain blue cats who shall remain nameless will dig in/throw about/crap in the pots). I'm on the lookout for more paintings for the walls. Finally I'm considering painting some walls. I think painting the whole living room would be too much visually, but one or two walls might work. I think some blue in the bedroom might be nice, and stencils are something [profile] seki_raku knows about.

I know there are some armchair designers out there. I'd like to hear ideas.


Jan. 20th, 2010 10:25 pm
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If you look back through my tags, you'll find some for home photos. Well, we have remodeled and here's the new bedroom and living room.Read more... )
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Decorating my pod is, for me, conducive to feelings of security. I know that I can always hole up in a room that will make me smile on seeing it.

I mentioned my new orange sheets the other day. Here they are:

Orange sheets

I'm using this souvenir rug as a wall hanging:


After Mass today, Fr. H stopped me and actually gave me a hug and thanked me for participating in RCIA which I didn't expect. After that I went as usual to the MWR to wait for folks for board games, but everybody wanted to see the 1400 movie "Whiteout" so I went too. Meh, it was okay for a free movie, about a murderer on the loose in an Antarctic base.

I went back to the theatre to see "GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra" but between it being abysmally stupid and me having a headache, I decided I'd rather be at home watching more Stargate: Atlantis so that's what I did.

We'll start putting in for R&R dates next week or so. As I've said, I'm aiming to be home for New Year's.
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A couple of years ago, I posted this photo of my kitchen:

Kitchen tiles

I've been spending a lot of time cleaning lately because I'm home all the time. On Sunday I was scrubbing these odd little half-doors that when closed form an arch over the space under my sink. Much to my surprise, I discovered that at one time, the cabinets were all painted to match the green backsplash tiles behind the sink. This makes me wonder what lies under the white ceramic tiles of the kitchen floor, though not enough to remove one and find out. They were put on very well, and if the old paint is any indication, they may be awful.

In the interest of making a chai cake, I went to Henry's and bought some cardamom. Even without having prepared anything using it, the kitchen smells beautiful.


Apr. 1st, 2007 08:20 pm
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Here's the first rose of 2007. It's been duly placed on the altar of Our Lady of Guadalupe as an ofrenda:Read more... )
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Not sick, just very cold two nights ago, but I had everything I needed.
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Here is the entrance to our complex:Read more... )

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