Feb. 9th, 2011 11:26 am
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I've had my second harp lesson and am making progress. However, I have one serious problem with practicing at home.

I have a certain little guy who wants to play harp as well.

Ivan wants to pluck the strings. Ivan wants to stand on the harp and supervise. The last straw today was when he was hanging by his front paws off the pillar (the highest part at the front). While a statue of him doing that would make a darling decoration on the pillar of a full-sized pedal harp, not so cool off of poor Camilla. So looks as if I have to practice with him either locked in the bedroom or with Steve distracting him.
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Our rectangular garbage pail is snug between the bathroom wall and our toilet. We'd assumed that when Ivan pooped in the garbage pail that he was crouched on the Litter Kwitter and pooping into the pail. He's not. He actually gets into the garbage pail, crouches inside, does his business and jumps out. The time the bag was across the toilet he must have jumped out and taken the bag with him.

Now to figure out how to break him of this. Pooping on the floor is common with the LK in amber stage and we're grateful he does it in the garbage instead. It's not what we want him to do, but we can't fault him for it either.
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Let me paint the picture so you can see.

Okay, so the garbage can is snuggled between the side of the toilet and the bathroom wall. Like most people we have a plastic grocery bag in the garbage can.

Today I came home to find poo in the Litter Kwitter on top of the toilet. On top of the LK and the poo was the entire garbage bag, lying on its side.

I should have taken a photo. I told Steve about it and his reaction was, "How the hell did THAT happen?"

But again, the poo was on top of the LK so this is an improvement...I think?
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We've been doing a lot with the house lately. It looks much more spacious since the litter pan is now on top of the toilet, freeing up the floor, and there is a different, smaller couch than originally and the TV is a flatscreen against the wall with a narrow-profile entertainment centre.

So, the bedroom. Here are the steps: (Steve, please comment/correct)

1. Purge wardrobe and closet. Take rejects to thrift store.
2. Take boards, put them up on top of the boards on the sides of the closet to make shelves. Put existing plastic bins on the shelves, freeing up floor.
3. This is the tricky part. Stagger poles for clothes with lesser-used clothes at the back.
4. Buy full-size captain's bed that we saw at the NEX. Put clothes from the wardrobe shelves in the the drawers. Hang clothes in closet. GET RID OF WARDROBE.
5. Post before and after photos.
6. ????
7. PROFIT!!!

The captain's bed we've found is spiffy. It's stained wood and has a headboard with shelves for Steve's C-PAP unit and my books/Kindle/notebook/runes, etc. Just going from a queen sized bed to a full sized bed made a lot of room in our bedroom, so it should really be functional after this.

Unrelated, we are also planning on getting rid of our two existing cat trees and replacing it with a single, taller cat tree for Ivan.
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He'd been playing this for about ten minutes before I started recording, so he was getting a little tired at this point.

The kitty training pan is now on top of the toilet and he's using it. After peeing in it twice and me not noticing and changing the litter, he did poop in the bathtub. No biggie; cleaning a cat poop out of a bathtub is easy. Sanitation was restored with an application of bleach. So all is well on the feline front.
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For Christmas the universe gave me one dead cat and a migraine.

Fortunately, Ivan is delightful and Steve and I gave each other perfect gifts.

Steve gave me a watch that has a calorie counter, odometer, heart rate monitor and timer. I wanted a new watch anyway, because my current Casio has been on my wrist since before deployment. He also gave me a new Better Homes and Gardens cookbook and one of the Alton Brown "Good Eats" books, which is MASSIVE and I can't wait to start using it.

I gave Steve a cast-iron dutch oven. He used one a lot when he was younger, and doesn't know what became of the one he had in his parents' place. I also gave him a waffle iron and a bottle of Gentleman Jack bourbon.

We got a Litter Kwitter kit for Ivan. He likes to sit on the toilet seat anyway, so we figured he's a good candidate for toilet training. We've also discovered he's another TV viewing cat. He's enjoying the video that goes with the Litter Kwitter immensely.

We didn't go to church. We got as far as the parking lot last night but realized I was thinking, "Okay, let's get this over with." That's the wrong attitude so we went home. Then today I woke up with the migraine. So we're going to have a quiet day at home, methinks.

Looking forward to toilet-training our little man! Wait for Ivan videos, coming in the near future.


Dec. 13th, 2010 01:33 pm
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Last night, both cats slept on the bed, Mei-Mei at my feet as usual and Ivan between the two of us. Before we all turned in, Ivan came up on the bed beside Mei-Mei and lay a paw gently on her tail. She growled, but it's becoming less and less convincing.

For those who missed January with me, Steve's dad died and we inherited his brand-new full-sized bed. Our queen sized one was showing its age and was also too big for our bedroom. I've been using the blue sheets that came with it, but yesterday purchased and put on some new flannel sheets in Manly! shades of blue and light brown. "Those would be Dad-approved," Steve said.

Went running at the Miramar track today. I'm ashamed to say I didn't make it two miles, only 1.5, but I blame the asthma partly. I'll try again Wednesday and expect to succeed.
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Ivan Stefanovich, asleep on my lap.
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While we are approved for adopting wee Ivan, they said they wanted to run some more blood tests on him in hopes of finding out why he isn't growing. He's the same size he was when he was found.

Here he is.

My theory, given that he's energetic, strong (can jump four feet straight up) and a holy terror is that he's a runt. In other words, nothing is wrong with him; he's just a small cat.

The shelter is closed today, tomorrow my mom is in SoCal and Wednesday is a busy day at the law office. I'll call Wednesday to see what the vet says. If Ivan is good to go, we'll get him on Thursday afternoon.

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