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For Lammas, an exercise in comparative mythology: "The Song of Xipe Totec Iouallahuan".

Translated from the Nahuatl by Arthur J.O. Anderson and Charles E Dibble. Originally published by Fray Bernardino de Sahagun in his "General History of the Things of New Spain":

O Iouallauan, why dost thou mask thyself?
Put on thy disguise.
Don thy golden cape.

My god, thy precious water hath come down from Coapan.
It hath made the cypress a quetzal.
the fire serpent hath been made a quetzal serpent.
Want hath gone from me.

Mayhap I shall die and perish--I, the tender maize.
Like a precious green stone is my heart,
yet I shall see gold in it.
I shall be content if first I mature.
The war chief is born.

My god, give me in part plenteous tender maize.
Thy worshipper looketh toward thy mountain.
I shall be content if first I ripen.
The warrior chief is born.
lady_kishiria: (Mexican coat of arms)

One thing pleases me: no way is PRI going to get in. They kept an iron grip on Mexico for 70 years until Vincente Fox came into power in 1999. Both leading candidates are in PAN although only one is from Fox's cabinet. Were I to capitalize on Mexican citizenship, I'd vote for Calderon for that reason since I like what Fox has done for the country. I can walk the streets of Puebla and Mexico City alone at night now. Beat that.

PRI, by the way, was the party who forced my grandmother's family out of Mexico in the first place.

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