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Attention [ profile] ebenbrooks, I re-watched "The Road to El Dorado" while in a very un-prickly mood and enjoyed it quite a lot. I still think Miguel looks like you.
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I wanted to like this movie. I wanted to love this movie. It has the elusive treasure of a good, active female character who supports and assists other female characters. But it's such a STUPID movie, and even though it is an action film it really needed more plot. I could see where just a spoonful of backstory here and there could have added so much.

On the other hand, the battle-wagon with the flame-thrower guitarist on the front and the taiko drummers on the back was worth the price of admission.

I also spent a couple of hours this morning partially assembling and putting a base coat of paint on my Brothers Hematic tactical squad. I've got the components for an actual 40k army and it's kind of exciting.
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I am not looking forward to ALC (what used to be BNCOC) at all. This is the school that is needed for my next Army promotion. It's from October 19 to November 23, and supposed to be super-stressful. I was reading the packing list and even got some packing done today, but I'm already depressed and anxious about it. I need to buy more PT shorts and one pair of PT pants, and I may need to purchase more uniform items too. Of course, after this school I won't need them again for years, if at all. At least we all have our own apartments at the Residence Inn for this ordeal; that means a lot, especially if we're only going to be sleeping four hours a night.

My purple bike is up and running, and I took a short ride today. I am going to see if I can go to the mailbox tomorrow, since that's a 10 mile round trip and should be a good workout. Soft sand is a challenge to ride in, but it's a beach bike and meant to deal with such. The key is to keep moving, just pedal a little slower.

I saw the movie "Elysium" which I got off Netflix. Steve got bored and annoyed with the obvious propaganda within the film and left about halfway through. I finished, but it ended with all the action-movie tropes one can expect. I feel sometimes that Americans should not make SF films.
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This is a documentary that you can see on Netflix streaming. It is about Daniel Lutz, now 49, the eldest son in the Amityville case. I'm fascinated by Amityville, which I maintain was an elaborate hoax. Daniel says it was true, but tells little of the story. What does come through is that he hated his stepfather George, who I gathered from reading the book back in the caveman days, was an abusive ex-Marine with no parenting skills. How much of Dan's memories are influenced by details from the movie, and how much are based in his fear and loathing of George are very much the question.

As an added bonus, we get to see him meeting again with Lorraine Warren, who "investigated" the house with her husband Ed, who is now deceased. Lorraine's crazy Traditionalist Catholicism is nicely on display, and one is also left wondering how much was the influence of the Warrens.

The Warrens are also the subject of the movie "The Conjuring" which is "based on true events." I could go on about the Warrens and the harm I feel they have done for hours, so if anyone reading has an opinion, let's talk.
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Last week, I finally got around to seeing "Captain America: The Winter Soldier". I'd seen a lot of chatter on the internet about it, and since I really enjoyed the first one, I wanted to see the second.

I liked it a great deal because it encompassed a lot of issues that are on my mind often: the NSA, privacy, constitutional freedom, and PTSD. It didn't hurt that Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan are cute as all hell.

However, this sent me into a frenzy of "I need to watch comic book movies!" I bought the first Iron Man today at Bookman's, and it was the only Marvel film they had. I downloaded the first Captain America movie from Amazon and gave that a watch. Now, however, I want to see The Hulk, which I haven't seen yet, and "Thor: The Dark World" which I haven't seen either. I'm "meh" on the X-Men films, but might go to see the new once since matinees here are only $7.

I've always liked the interlocking stories in the Marvel universe, so watching the various films from The Avengers is a natural.

Believe it or not, I'm writing a "Winter Soldier" fanfiction right now.
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There's a movie based on the game Halo that is on Netflix Streaming. It's called Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn. I watched it because I was bored one evening, and really enjoyed it. I know next to nothing about the game. This is about a platoon of military cadets who ultimately find themselves and their academy under attack. It worked fine as a standalone, the acting and effects weren't bad, and the whole scenario felt real. Give it a shot if you have a chance.
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Some months ago, I wrote about a movie Steve had downloaded called Tom Yung Goong. It was a fansub that asked that if you downloaded the movie to be sure to see it when/if it ever came out legitimately.

It will be coming out next month under the title "The Protector". This is a gorgeously filmed Thai martial arts film about a young elephant herdsman (Tony Jaa) who goes to Sydney, Australia on the path of his stolen elephants. You won't be disappointed.
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I finally saw Mel's Jeezus movie from beginning to end. If you must sit through this piece of crap, make sure you have booze on hand and play the Jeezus Drinking Game. Every time Jeezus loses a pint of blood, drink. Every time he falls down, two drinks. Every time you see a deformed person shown as a demon, three drinks. When he dies, down the whole bottle.

Okay, you remember how pissed off you were when you saw the Bakshi Lord of the Rings movie? That's how I feel. This is the worst adaptation of, if not my favourite book, certainly one I turn to on a daily basis. A reviewer I read once said it was disheartening, as a novelist whose work was about to be turned into a film, that God Himself can't get a decent cinematic treatment!

The movie is not based on Scripture. It is not based on known archaeology or biblical history. It is not even based on an analysis of what was done to the man on the Shroud of Turin. This thing is, as far as I can tell, just purely spun from the imagination of Mel himself, and that imagination is not one I'd like to probe into deeply. Mel invents tortures for Jesus that aren't even hinted at by any of those sources. He comes up with wack things like a dead, rotting donkey to gross us out as Judas hangs himself--yet he shies from the Biblical reference to Judas falling after he hanged and his internal organs being splattered across the ground. He's got the Devil walking around carrying this weird deformed kid, and the use of deformity to show evil really bothered me. Our favourite (if you can use that term) Mel invention was how he wasn't content to show Jesus falling three times, he had to fall the fourth, fifith, sixth, seventh and eighth times.

Okay, as for the question on everybody's mind, "Is it anti-Semitic?" I had heard that the hype was just that when it came to anti-Jewish attitudes, but after watching I have to say, "Yes. It is anti-Semitic." Pontius Pilate and his wife are shown in absolute paroxysms of agony over having Jesus put to death and end up getting a lot of screen time doing so. In contrast, unless they are already followers of Jesus, the Jews are shown as uniformly wanting his death. Some good Romans vs all evil Jews. Anti-Semitic? You tell me. For all the times Mel showed Jesus falling, he omitted his warning to the Jewish women of the upcoming fall of Jerusalem.

I won't even start on the theology, or rather the lack thereof.

If I were God, I'd call my agent.

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