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I keep looking for the small, all-in-one electronic device that will be my life in one place, but replaceable if stolen.

My 160 gb iPod Classic was close. Music is life. I was looking thoughtfully at the Fiio X1 today because it's $100 and takes a 128 gb card. I could carry almost all my music on that, as opposed to the selection I carry in my iPhone and iPod Nano.
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These were a quarter a piece at the Casa de los Ninos thrift shop...

Benny Goodman, a collection from the Big Band Series
Secular music of the Renaissance
Music at the Courth of Henri IV
"I Can Hear It Now", Edward R. Murrow and Fred W. Friendly, 1933-1945
World War I Historic Music and Voices

This is a store that I would expect to have a Red Army Chorus record in it.
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Waaaay back when, Steve had a respectable punk collection. He thought the records were all lost until I found the vinyl in a waterstained cardboard box that made it to our condo.

I haven't had a turntable since I lived with my parents. My records are long gone (including my Styx records...sigh).

Today our local community radio, KXEI, had a music sale as a fundraiser. KXEI plays music and does activities usually associated with college stations, and I listen to it to and from work. I have been in the mood for new music lately, and the feeling of having been to the record store and coming home with my finds is something I've missed a lot.

So we drove down to Maker House, which is an historic mansion downtown that serves as a gallery and meeting place. It has a very nice cafe/bar in it. Steve found it a little overwhelming and went to play the vintage video games they have there, but not before he came out with English Beat on vinyl. I spent $33 bucks and came away with jazz and Afro-Caribbean house music, plus a lot of groovy Herb Alpert, Tom Jones, and more jazz on vinyl. I also got several classical albums on vinyl, including a Beethoven's 9th directed by Georg Solti and George Gershwin's "Rhapsody in Blue" (which I adore) and highlights from Wagner. The vinyl all came from an older man who was selling his personal collection because he and his wife plan to sell their five bedroom house and get an RV instead so they can chase the good weather. he was selling his stereo, but Steve declared it way too good for our purposes, especially since Steve is now hearing impaired.

After Pollo Loco for lunch, we went over to Target where we got a Crosley vintage-style turntable/CD player/radio. I'm listening to it right now. It was reasonably priced and isn't the best record player out there but certainly not the worst. I had forgotten how good vinyl sounds, and this is a welcome addition to the household indeed.
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To celebrate the introduction of the iWatch and iPhone 6, Apple put a copy of the latest U2 album in everybody's iTunes. I can absolutely understand why people are raging about this, and they are right. Me, I just like free music, and so far it's being an enjoyable album. I haven't bought a U2 album since "Joshua Tree" and while they have lost their fire in the belly, I can see myself putting this one on sometimes.

I got a start date on my job! I start September 29, because I have VA appointments and MAJ T's wedding on the 22nd, in San Diego. The OUSA (Office of the U.S. Attorney) decided to waive my background check, so I can haz job. This means putting off ALC for another year, but I don't care. A fat-ass paycheque trumps six weeks of misery on the east coast.

I'm thinking of getting a Chromebook. I am wary of becoming a materialist, but I was fiddling with some at Best Buy cool.
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Steve found out that Tyr was playing in Ramona, about 45 minutes northeast of here. Birgit and Liz resolved to go as soon as he made this announcement, and another couple we know, Heather and Rusty, found a babysitter and made it a date night.

We drove up to very-hot Ramona at about 5:30. Ramona Main Stage is an old theatre with wonderful painted beams overhead and nice details in the construction. The old guy who runs it is funny and makes jokes. "Seven tickets, is that right?" he asked me deadpan when I went to collect the two for myself and Steve. He totally got me.

There were two opening bands. We missed most of the first, the second was local and tried WAY too hard to be brutal. The third was Metsatoll from Estonia, a metal band that featured a musician who was multi-instrumental on that old flame of mine, traditional instruments. He had a dudelsack (northern European bagpipe), a couple of recorders, a bowed psalter and a kind of lyre thing I'd never seen before. I could tell they could all play their instruments, but their timing was off terribly. I figured that they suffered from Linkin Park syndrome in that they were probably better on CD than live, so I bought one of their CDs to find out.

Tyr did a disappointingly short set, about 45 minutes most, and none of their older material. The oldest song they did was "Hold the Heathen Hammer High", which is okay. We didn't have their latest CD, so we have it now, along with two t-shirts.

Moonsorrow are another Finnish metal band, but they were excellent. Steve got a t-shirt.

Korpiklaani were AMAZING. I'd liked their old stuff like "Wooden Pints", but they've gone to all-Finnish language now and seem much happier in it. The fiddle player has his own CD, "Shaman Violin" which I need to add to the collection. The lead singer had really comfortable and strong stage presence and they all looked like they were having fun. They were one of the most professional-sounding bands I've seen, even in that small venue.

The lead singer even smoked two cigarettes while performing, which is verboten im Kalifornia, but nobody was going to stop him.

Birgit and Liz tried to be on the floor during Tyr. Steve and I refer to them as "Ivan's and Lalat's Crazy Aunties" because they are both in their early 60s and come across as, well, crazy aunties. They're wonderful. But they were both badly scared by the mosh pit, which seemed to have lost its memory of what the mosh pit rules are, so we retreated with them after Steve got rabbit-punched during the maelstrom. And as I said elsewhere, it's always fun and games until someone lets the Samoan into the mosh pit. And the white pride skinhead, who got hostile, but not to the point that anyone tossed him out. (At Flogging Molly he would have been refused entrance just because of his red boots with white laces that is a White Power tribal marking.)

Anyway, good time was had by all. We learned not to take the 78 at night; it's twistier and more nerveracking than the 67 which nonetheless has some twists and uncomfortable moments too. But it was a good little venue and the show just rocked.
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Warhammer 40k books: Soul Drinker, Deus Encarnadine, Grey Knights. IIRC, Soul Drinker is out of print.

My gorgeous Folio Society edition of The Greek Myths.

Borrowed from Negativsteve, "Beer, Blood and Cornmeal" a true memoir of years in the surrealist wrestling league Incredibly Strange Wrestling. See Sasquatch wrestle Hassidic Jews!

Also, a book/CD set called Orbitones, Spoon Harps and Bellowphones: Experimental Musical Instruments.

Finally a CD of Khmer Jazz (jazz played on Vietnamese instruments) and Classic Blues from the Smithsonian Folkways Recordings line. I bought these at Hoodlum's Music, a Mesa landmark. I felt a moral imperative to support an indie record store.

PS: this Khmer Jazz Fusion is CRAZY. Really like it.
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In the past couple of weeks, I feel as if I've emerged from a depression I didn't realize I was in. (Cue lots of people telling me that THEY knew, I'm sure.) I've started working on all of my NCO-associated aggravation rather than procrastinating and making excuses. I've been chipping steadily on a huge pile of paper books I've accumulated.

I also bought a ticket for Voltaire's Black Unicorn Cabaret at Queen Bee's Art and Media. I'd been past QB's many times since they opened while I was in Afghanistan, but never gone inside. I'd also heard precisely one song by Voltaire, "Viva Calaca!" which is my usual Dia de los Muertos post. But it promised two bands in addition to Voltaire himself and the ticket was $15, so when [ profile] caprine posted the event on Facebook, I decided to go.

I'm glad I did. QB's is reminiscent of the kind of set-up-on-the-cheap-in-a-warehouse gallery I used to frequent in Montreal. The front room is an open space with a stage and screen. The back has wild black-light paintings that are even more fantastic if you're wearing 3D glasses. There is also a wonderful art-filled patio in back. I collected flyers for a whole bunch of events that are upcoming.

The first band was Hellblinki from Ashford, NC. If the Dresden Dolls and Oingo Boingo married and had a baby, this would be it. They're a trio with a much larger sound, and while I couldn't make out the lyrics the textures and use of offbeat instruments kept me entertained. The lead singer plays guitar from the drum kit, controlling the drums with his feet as a doll baby head spins on the toms. There is also a KEYTAR (here, [ profile] prushrush, [ profile] prushrush, [ profile] prushrush).

The second band, This Way to the Egress, was in the same vein but with a lot more performers, using keyboards, violin, cello, saw, and tuba. The sound guy got the balance better, so I could tell they were singing about death, murder and music. I got their CD.

Both bands feature accordion as a central instrument.

Finally Voltaire took the stage, promoting his new album "Riding a Black Unicorn Down an Erupting Volcano While Drinking From a Chalice Filled With the Laughter of Small Children". And there's a title track, incorporating that line. I appreciated his generosity in keeping the other bands on stage to perform with him and that he passed a hat for tips so they could have money on the road. However, I didn't find his music to be All That.

[ profile] vonjunzt came with his missus, who, I think, was having more fun dancing than anyone else in the building.

We had an afterparty with very exotic liqueurs and snackies at a private residence and I was home shortly before 2. Yep, still got it. And again, thanks [ profile] caprine for turning me on to the event in the first place.
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First, a link to a video of Irish harpists for a cause:

And the sound of the French Gothic harp, which sounds very unique:

And this lady has a history of harps, with pictures:
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Last week, we put in a bid on a 2-bedroom condo closer to El Cajon Blvd on 33rd. We'll hear tomorrow if our bid was accepted.

I'm waiting for my re-enlistment bonus to come in. At best, it'll arrive in June since the contract says it takes 45 days to process. We'll see. I'm not encouraged by our Unit Administrator saying she'd have to "research" how it works. She also asked me for some annexes to my contract, but I don't know if she means my original 2005 contract or the 2010 one. She is competent, but so far this unit has been pretty jacked up. My request for lodging, which I gave to my squad leader as I was instructed, has apparently never made it to Corporal Snippy Little Bitch, for instance. That won't impact me much as I'm planning on getting a room on post on my own dime this weekend so I can shower right away after the PT test.

My harp teacher, Ramona at Harp Haven, introduced me to a County Mayo 30-string harp with full levers today. I had my lesson on it instead of the usual Lyon & Healy Troubadour and I was much more comfortable. The Troubadour is six feet tall and the County Mayo, made by Noteworthy, is only four feet tall. It is light as a feather against my shoulder. I'm in love and I want to buy it, but I needs my bonus!

Life is good, but I still hate the Army. That is all.
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Just a lot of odds and ends lately, which is fine.

I had a checkup, which is worthy of comment only because I okayed them doing a cholesterol test. The answer was "slightly elevated, no need for treatment at this time" with HDL ("good" cholesterol) being high. Okay, I've started eating oatmeal anyway so I'll keep that up. I also should eat less dairy than I already do, for the sake of humanity as Ivan would say. The gas dairy gives me is no laughing matter and makes me want to get away from myself.

Harp lessons proceed. Most of them concentrate on correct hand position now; I have five years of bad habits to undo. The result is that even little Camilla sings out loud, even with her small soundbox.

I also bought a strumstick: [personal profile] catdraco might want to consider one of these for the Small Boy. It's tiny even in my hands and very fun to play, although the metal strings are hard on ones' fingers before the calluses form. I got it because Steve has missed playing instruments, but more because I was looking for a good deployment/long Army school instrument. My harp has a case, but with planes as crowded as they are now she'd take up an entire overhead compartment. The strumstick will travel just fine wrapped in bubble wrap and placed inside one of my tough boxes, and for shorter (weeks or a couple of months) trips I can just get the case and bring it in my hand. I just missed being able to play *something* when I was at 27D school and in the Middle East, so much that I would plunk at the guitars in the USO. And I don't know guitar!

I dropped in at ConDor yesterday but it was about 11 am and set-up was still going on. I had to leave in the afternoon to go to work but I'll be spending the day there. There are a lot of interesting looking panels and a concert by [personal profile] ebenbrooks tonight, so I've been looking forward to it.


Feb. 9th, 2011 11:26 am
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I've had my second harp lesson and am making progress. However, I have one serious problem with practicing at home.

I have a certain little guy who wants to play harp as well.

Ivan wants to pluck the strings. Ivan wants to stand on the harp and supervise. The last straw today was when he was hanging by his front paws off the pillar (the highest part at the front). While a statue of him doing that would make a darling decoration on the pillar of a full-sized pedal harp, not so cool off of poor Camilla. So looks as if I have to practice with him either locked in the bedroom or with Steve distracting him.
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I don't think this is a parody; it looks like a version of the Soviet national anthem done with the pop stars of the time.

What's funny to me is that it looks very Canadian. If someone told me this was filmed in the early 80s outside of Quebec City I'd believe it. At 2.21, see the bleached-blond Geddy Lee lookalike.
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I don't know if you're down with Lady GaGa, but this parody video, where a drag queen urges closeted Republicans to stop being hypocrites, is too good to miss. I posted it to FB, where no one commented.

If you've never seen the very, very queer original video, here it is. Because I know [ profile] cinchntouch may want to click it too.

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Okay, weird things that I get nostalgic for. Everyone knows how much I loved my room in Kuwait, where I had two wall lockers, an electric kettle and a half-fridge full of food and fake beer. I also had cable TV, and when I was watching in the evening, this was often the bumper between shows. I particularly remember it coming on before "Ghost Hunters International" which I watched on Sunday nights. Star World (an international channel owned by Starz) had three versions of this, one for India, one for Asia/Phillipines and one for the Middle East. Obviously, this is the one for the Middle East.

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This is a Pashtun mens' ring dance, which I recorded at the last Eid celebration.

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