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Oct. 13th, 2014 06:40 pm
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Straight Democrat ticket. I wish I could have voted a mixed one, but the Republicans were endorsed by Sheriff Joe Arpaio which means an automatic no-go. I'm not thrilled with Ann Kirkpatrick as Representative, but Andy Tobin is going to be way worse, even if he didn't have the Arpaio disease. On the other hand, I like what I've seen of gubernatorial candidate Fred Duval, and didn't hold my nose as I filled in the balloon beside his name.

We'll see how it goes.
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....that if these members were typical, they are shockingly stupid and elephantshit insane.

So Steve and I went to a gun show, which was both cool and terrifying at the same time. More on that later. In the "terrifying" column was a table for the San Antonio Tea Party. I told Steve that I was not going to troll them, that I just wanted to know what they were about.

They were all older white people. I said I had no opinion on them and that I wanted to know their stance on things. I was told they were pro-small government, pro- fiscal responsibility and pro-free market. Well heck, I like those things too. However, at the same time I was poking around at their buttons and bumper stickers. One was in praise of the governor of Arizona doing what the federal government would not. Now, what they mean is how Arizona is keeping out illegal aliens. In the kind of society they allegedly support (few to no social programs/free market) there wouldn't be any reason to keep out illegal aliens, but they obviously hadn't thought so far ahead. Another was "Liberal logic: anti death penalty, pro abortion". I'll let all of you have fun with the disjointed logic there; it exists on many levels. They also told us excitedly that the San Antonio chapter had been founded by Glenn Beck. I am kicking myself now for not asking who he is, (yes, I do know) because I wondered if any of them would see the irony of decrying "mainstream media" and yet embracing a shill whose show is beamed into every home in America by radio and until this past week, on TV.

Steve had earlier noticed, on a different table, a California Secession bumper sticker. Having gotten them to talk about how the Constitution is the ultimate law of the land, he asked them about Article 4, Section 3. Dead silence. None of them even picked up a copy of the Constitution, which were on the table, to see what it is.

That's not three strikes, that's four. These people were idiots. I don't know if they're a representative sample, but I suspect they were, too dumb to realize that they're following a "grass roots movement" co-opted though not created by Fox News.

Rick Perry

Jun. 27th, 2011 04:40 pm
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Politics. Skip if uninterested:

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Not only politics but CALIFORNIA politics. Cut for the uninterested:

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I'm at the USO and had to walk away from the ramblings of Orrin Hatch. Apparently the 9/11 terrorists being tried in New York is because of "liberalism". If CONSERVATIVES were in charge, Mr Hatch alleges, they would be going to Guantanamo Bay where they could be put in front of a military tribunal!

Dear Mr. Hatch: If they're tried in New York, they can get the death penalty. A military tribunal can't do that.

This does not constitute an approval of the death penalty on my part. It's only an observation of the ongoing crackheadedness of Fox News and its preferred talking heads.
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One thing that drives me insane is when people, normally neocons, pound their chests for war without ever having served in the military, even in peacetime, and furthermore, don't do so much as to even send an Any Soldiers package. These same neocons hotly defend their right to call for war while being staunchly NIMBY with regard to their own personal involvement.

When called chickenhawks, they defend themselves by saying it's a fallacy. Curious about what their arguments are, I went to this entry, www.dkosopedia.com/wiki/Chickenhawk, and realized that debunking their arguments was too, too easy. Read more... )
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People are freaking out and screaming "OMG THE THIRD REICH IS RETURNING!" about this video that took place at one school in New Jersey:Read more... )
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Sarah Palin looks like a worse and worse choice every day.

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Reading a short exchange between [profile] cinchntouch and [profile] electorprince is making me think I need to pack a carpetbag and move to some small town in Montana or something so I can become mayor and then governor so that maybe *I* can become VP or hell, even POTUS. Consider my qualifications:

B.A. International Relations, George Mason University, 1983
Lived in Canada 1990-2002
Lived in Mexico, spring 2003
Doctor of Sacred Theology 2008
Paralegal Certificate 2007
JAG Army Paralegal 2008
Trilingual English-Spanish-French

I've been told by disinterested parties that I'm reasonably good-looking, so slap a pricey suit on me I can take any of these presidential-race losers we're seeing this year.

Here's Tepintzin on the issues:

Federal bailout: No. The market should readjust itself. Sorry you lost your house, but you should have looked up what a balloon mortgage was in the first place.

Global warming: It's real, but it's cyclic and not caused by humans. Environmental concerns are good, but they should be undertaken because this is the only planet we have and we should take care of it. It's beautiful and it provides for us; we should return the favour.

Energy: Here's an area where I confess I don't know a lot. Alternative energy is going to become a necessity eventually and I have every bit of faith that the fuel and energy companies have not only plan B but C,D,E, and the rest of the alphabet lined up for when the dead dinosaur runs out. Have no fear of Mad Max scenarios; there's a buck to be made off alternative fuels (look at how popular hybrid cars are!) and it will be made.

War in Iraq: The surge is, as far as I can tell from the "liberal media", working. Keep it up and with the efforts FINALLY being made now we can leave. I just have to figure out what to do with that gigantic "embassy" complex. Theme park, maybe?

Afghanistan/Pakistan: Not done there, not by a long shot. This was the war that never should have dropped in priority and I'd have to shift effort and attention there.

Queer rights: Obviously I'm for gay marriage. Everybody has the right to make themselves as miserable as possible. However, marriage is not the purview of the federal government, so I'm not going to espouse any constitutional amendments. In fact, I'm going to look into what can be done to weaken legal marriage, not strengthen it.

Abortion: I'm not going to touch the law, but you can be assured I'm not going to push for abstinence-only education either.

While I'm at it, I'm going to be dismantling the Department of Education and the Department of Homeland Security. The Coast Guard is going right back to the Treasury. The states can run their own departments of education, thanks, without oversight from the Federal Government.

I think that pretty much covers the topics from the debate last night. Can you tell I'm bored?
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And also on lunch.

So I've been reading CNN. I've drawn up my list of presidential candidates I could not, under any circumstances, vote for: Read more... )

So if they're not on the list, I'd vote for them over certain other candidates.
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I found an anti-Hillary Clinton site. It is run by Christian Family types who I shun, but I was interested in their list of "Clinton on the Issues". I thought it'd be fun to compare myself to Senator Clinton:

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Hilary Clinton outlines her "goals" (heavy quotes mine) for her presidency:

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At the moment, there are two major reasons I wish I were back in Canada.

One, autumn is starting to hit up there. I know that soon the trees on Mont-Royal will be changing colour, and all those yellow and red fallen leaves will be piling up on the sidewalks of the Plateau. I wouldn't be here in a thin t-shirt and cotton robe with sweat rolling down my torso.

Two, I wouldn't be hearing about the upcoming elections that aren't for another 14 months because in Canada it is illegal to campaign more than 60 days before an election.Read more... )
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I can't be the only person who watches Democrat Party debates just to see what Mike Gravel is going to say next.
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I shall call the top three media-boosted candidates, Rotten Rudy, Pillsbury Doughboy and Plastic-Man.

Rotten Rudy comes courtesy of [personal profile] patgund.

The Representative from Lakeside, CA remains That Asshole Duncan Hunter, probably the longest nickname in my nickname warehouse.
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...Yes, at 0800.

I don't believe it. McCain actually managed to turn abortion into a national security issue.

Ron Paul mentioned that Iraq was not a danger to the US when the US went in. Giuliani asked him, "What about 9/11?"

(I can give you nice links off whitehouse.gov where Dubya himself denies this connection.)

Obviously we back Ron Paul in this house, because he's the only candidate of either party who doesn't want to help himself to our wallets. But ye gods, these guys are idiots on parade this morning.
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Lady Kishiria: The world needs Obama/Edwards slash.
ShadowCell2: I know, but I don't know who would be on top.
ShadowCell2: They've both got that snivelling, on-bottom sort of aura to them.
Lady Kishiria: That's the thing! Both of them are bottomsQ
Lady Kishiria: !
Lady Kishiria: The convo Steve and I just had:
ShadowCell2: Maybe Hillary comes by and pillages them every so often.
Lady Kishiria: Steve: They'd fight to see who's on the bottom.
Lady Kishiria: Me: Sissy boy slap fight.
Lady Kishiria: Steve: I'd pay to see that.
ShadowCell2: Yes!
ShadowCell2: Fuck the debates.
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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Oh noes! Look at Senator McCain! He is all pale and doughy. I can't vote for him! I will put him in a 350 degree oven for 45 minutes so he will be golden brown and flaky!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

...Uh oh.
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I'm offended that Bush has appointed a right-to-life/pro-abstinence Evangelical as the head of the Federal family planning office.

I'm even MORE offended that there's a Federal family planning office.

The other night I heard from a young friend of mine. She is 20 as is her husband; they are both expecting their first child after 2 months of marriage.

I asked if their parents were worried about them being able to support the baby.

"Oh, we have food stamps and WIC to fall back on," she said.


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