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Recently there was a controversy about SF conventions and if they were doomed because so many younger fans are brought in by gasp! MEDIA. This trend probably got it start when Star Trek's original series made its debut. But in true "Get out of my yard, you damn kids!" fashion, some elder literary fans have been predicting the death of SF conventions because oh noes, no one is reading classic SF anymore!

My question is, since it was getting stale and offensive when I myself was a teenager, why would we? I know someone wrote a really good column about that, so moving on....

I don't think it's fair that some purists place literature on a higher pedestal than TV or film. I mean, Babylon 5 anyone? Recently there has been a huge bounty of intelligent SF/Fantasy/Horror on TV. Sense8 on Netflix really made me want to growl at the "literary classics or you are not an SF/Fantasy fan" crowd.

Aside from the wealth of superhero shows on basic cable and Netflix, there is now a lot of short films on YouTube and Vimeo. I watched one on YouTube this morning, called "6th World", made by a Navajo producer and director, with Navajo actors.

Because of digital books, authors can now present their work in very professional formats without the hassle of agents and publishing companies. I've read some really good novels that way. (Also some really bad ones, but that's the risk you take.)

SF and fantasy still needs conventions. Perhaps it needs them even more, because we have more to choose from than ever.
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Yesterday, the weather took a fast turn and rain moved in. My nose was running in sympathy. Despite that, I got a couple of job applications turned in. One of them is at Raytheon and involves checking documents for proper security classification. It sounds really interesting and I hope to get an interview.

I sat with the cats in the bedroom watching more of the first season of "Supernatural" in the afternoon. That show manages to get quite scary at times. I'm on the last season of "Fringe", and once I'm done with that show I'll resume with "Supernatural".

Steve and I have also started "Sense8" on Netflix. That's a show where we only watch one episode at a time; there is a lot to digest.

Current reads are "Fool Moon", which is book 2 in the Harry Dresden series and "Myths and Symbols in Pagan Europe" by H. Ellis Davidson.
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I obtained the full run of Gundam Unicorn finally. I had been up to episode 5 when it stopped being available via Playstation Network. Since the first episode came out in 2010, I figured I should start from the beginning.

I've only watched the first two episodes at this point. I'm enjoying it because it's not a love letter to Zeon or a paen to the Federation (not that the original Gundam series ever was). It finally spells out clearly exactly WHY people turned to Zeon for hope when it was so clearly not an icon of human rights, and why even after it had had the stuffing kicked out of it for over a decade that people still do.

Banagher is creepy in his obsession with "Audrey" and his refusal to consider Mineva as anything but his fantasy of her. Mineva herself is amazing, very much her own woman, and she has her own storyline rather than being a plot device for Banagher's story. I don't care what Tumblrites say--Gundam is and always has been a feminist franchise.

I'll watch a few more episodes tonight. I don't expect to be finished by the weekend, but who knows.

Oh--we won't be making it to Phoenix Comic Con because we have to buy tires for Steve's truck. I was kind of nervous about going because in my mind a Comic Con means ungodly crowds. I'll wait for the report back from Mandel about it.
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I wanted to like this movie. I wanted to love this movie. It has the elusive treasure of a good, active female character who supports and assists other female characters. But it's such a STUPID movie, and even though it is an action film it really needed more plot. I could see where just a spoonful of backstory here and there could have added so much.

On the other hand, the battle-wagon with the flame-thrower guitarist on the front and the taiko drummers on the back was worth the price of admission.

I also spent a couple of hours this morning partially assembling and putting a base coat of paint on my Brothers Hematic tactical squad. I've got the components for an actual 40k army and it's kind of exciting.

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