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Remember my paralegal school research on if Marge Simpson could lose Bart for letting him identify as transgendered, and go to school dressed as a girl?

Remember also the creepy case I wrote about where the mother in a divorce wanted to get her 11 year old son female hormones because she had diagnosed him as a transgendered child based on what she read on t eh intarwebz?

Well hey, there are much, much worse ways to treat your gender-dysphoric kid, including methods that insure that not only will he/she want to kill himself/herself, they'll grow up sexist if they don't:

It's funny that I found this today, because [ profile] americanstd had just been telling me last night about Kim Petras, the 15-year-old German pop tartlet who was born a boy.

I don't know if Kim's sex change is due to gender dysphoria or being intersexed in any way, so while there of course is debate about the ethics of a 12-year-old child changing sex, I don't have a lot of information. I do feel strongly that much though going through puberty without really feeling like the sex of your body is appropriate to *you* is miserable (been there, done that, not going to talk about it in a blog), you've got so much to sort through in terms of sex and gender growing up that making the decision to alter the body just doesn't seem to be one you can make until adulthood.
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Oh no, here comes the po-mo....

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Wendy Ward Charm School, a wretched stunt to pull on a 12-year-old butch girl.$12

No, I didn't do the fashion show. I put down my little foot about that noise.

Later edit: I wish I still had the book that went with the course. Maybe I can find it on E-bay. I don't remember a lot about the classes themselves, besides that they were insanely boring. I was not interested in how to stand like a model, wear makeup, utilize my "gamine" look (no shit, that word was used), etc.

The BOOK was a gem of offensiveness. I found myself shrieking with horror at lines like (this I remember!) "Boys are like peacocks, so it's important not to seem smarter than they are." It also made me very aware of the immense amounts of ludicrous, time-wasting CRAP women are expected to go through to look acceptable whereas a guy just has to shower and brush his hair.

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