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I don't know if you're down with Lady GaGa, but this parody video, where a drag queen urges closeted Republicans to stop being hypocrites, is too good to miss. I posted it to FB, where no one commented.

If you've never seen the very, very queer original video, here it is. Because I know [ profile] cinchntouch may want to click it too.

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A memory from four decades ago.  Brooklyn, NY 1968.  My mom and dad (and Mom may have been pregnant with my little brother) would often shuffle me off to my Abuela's apartment on Friday nights.  Abuela, who is still alive, is Puerto Rican and we used to sit in the foldout couch in the living room watching WAPA. 

I was so happy to find that not only can you find videos of the station's mascot on YouTube, he's still in use on the station!  Now that's a kitty using all his nine lives!  (Believe it or not, the cat is male and in some spots you see his wife and kittens.)

EDIT: Actually, El Gato's been retired, although there is an updated version of him and a page for his return on Facebook.
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I'm misty-eyed and homesick and Steve says, "Wow, that is MOVING!"

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Okay, weird things that I get nostalgic for. Everyone knows how much I loved my room in Kuwait, where I had two wall lockers, an electric kettle and a half-fridge full of food and fake beer. I also had cable TV, and when I was watching in the evening, this was often the bumper between shows. I particularly remember it coming on before "Ghost Hunters International" which I watched on Sunday nights. Star World (an international channel owned by Starz) had three versions of this, one for India, one for Asia/Phillipines and one for the Middle East. Obviously, this is the one for the Middle East.

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This is a Pashtun mens' ring dance, which I recorded at the last Eid celebration.


Sep. 9th, 2009 09:25 pm
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Okay, that's the symbol of Odin's Son, not Odin Himself. Nonetheless, today is 9/9/09, AND it's a Wednesday (Woden's Day). It is thus sacred to the Allfather. Unfortunately, what with me being in a country where alcohol is completely prohibited, making a libation was impossible. The Old Man doesn't want fruit juice or near-beer.

This will have to do. I've always loved this song and video, and after watching it on YouTube (where it isn't anymore) I couldn't help but think of it as a song about Odin.

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