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I'm misty-eyed and homesick and Steve says, "Wow, that is MOVING!"

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This is a superior version, but the video wasn't right:

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Paul Gross singing "Robert MacKenzie":

And for [ profile] americanstd, because this song is totally about his Pop:

I wish they had the performance Paul Gross did of this song on Canada's 125th birthday. He sang it in Ottawa with a choir of Mounties behind him.
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I was looking back through my "music" tagged entries and read [ profile] kallisti's comments on Stan Rogers. I figured that for our poor, underprivileged Yank friends I should post the Canadian song par excellence. Here is Stan Rogers, the man himself, singing "Barrett's" in a documentary:

And for [ profile] dmckilli, here's Paul Gross singing in in "Mountie on the Bounty":

When Steve and I were engaged, he would come to visit me in Montreal. On his last night one of his visits to me and [ profile] badira08, we went to McKibbin's. There was a live Irish band and I whispered to them, "I know it's not Irish, but my boyfriend's American and he's never heard 'Barrett's'. Could you play it for him?" They obliged, and it was fun to watch patrons get up and start jigging.

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