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Today I got myself a membership for one year at the San Diego Zoo. This was one of the goals I had set for myself when I began to plan my year last August.

My personal TeppyYear runs from August to August, since that is when my birthday is. Last year, my roommate Drea got me the Dragontree Dreambook and Planner since I was obsessed with it. I have to give the Dreambook (the Planner part wasn't really that necessary, thought I use it) two thumbs up despite it being $48. It helped me figure out what I wanted in my life and how to get myself there. I've bought another one, without the planner, for this coming August.

With a guaranteed income, investments made, a steady home base, spiritual practice, and friends, I am happy but I still feel I'm missing something. That "something" may be actual productive creativity as opposed to just puttering on fanfiction.

I think I ought to be writing about religion, since that's been the drive of my existence since I was born. What would people like to see me write about? I'm just throwing that out there.

Settling in

Apr. 7th, 2017 11:55 am
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I see no reason to delete my LJ, but I'll be posting from here from now on. It's just a matter of logging onto this instead of that. Easy peasy.

Today I....

Jan. 4th, 2017 03:44 pm
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1. Went to Disabled American Veterans. My case is still under review, and they will set up new appointments for medical tests for me here in SD.

2. Bought a chair that actually fits me and the desk Drea has in our dining nook. This means an actual functioning workspace.

3. Received a call from another contracting agency about a redaction job. No matter what I do, I cannot escape redaction, it seems. Well, I'm all ears about it.

4. Finished re-arranging my bedroom. This is the third time I've moved my bed. It is now against a different wall, which sacrifices wall space but means I can sleep in a corner again, which I like.


Jan. 3rd, 2017 04:24 pm
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I guess there really is no good option but to come over here. LJ is 100% Russian now, and with all the political problems in that country, I'd really rather not.

So I'm just going to come over here seamlessly, as part of starting a new year.
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It's a work in progress. I'll take more photos as it develops.
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What with me being penniless and all (until the Army decides to pay me), my LJ paid subscription has expired. This bothers me more than it really should.
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I love these Mochi Things "Better Together" pouches. The smaller one, I've had a little buyer's regret about until now.

A few weeks ago I tried out a Kindle Fire 7', but was disappointed in it. In Sierra Vista, I found that the Samsung 7' E Lite was on clearance at Walmart. My mom had sent me some money, so I got it. It is everything I wanted, because it reads memory cards and I use an app called Prestigio to read books that I don't buy for Kindle. It has a Kindle app of course, and access to a Pandora/Spotify type service called Samsung Milk Music. I've watched Netflix on it. I've given the 10' Samsung tablet back to Sigyn, who is happy to have it returned.

And it fits perfetly in the smaller Better Together pouch.

(Mochi Things are Very cute Korean stationery and bags, but really expensive! I got them both on sale. has a lot of the same items for 1/10th of the price.

Last AT

May. 23rd, 2016 10:47 am
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So I was in Ft. Huachuca for what ought to be my last ever Annual Training. My P3 profile says that due to my respiratory problems, I am ineligible for re-enlistment, so even if I get tempted to do the last 8 years, I can't. And sometimes I am tempted.

On Sigyn's recommendation/insistence, I took Chug with me. Candlewood Suites allow pets in the suites for a very small fee, so he came along. He was great; sat in the back seat behind me all the way. He seemed to enjoy being an only cat, and we had lots of hugs and snuggles. I brought some of his toys with us, and he played a lot.

I found that the one and only synagogue in Cochise County is a reform templed called Kol Hamidbar. Only about 15 people attend, and there's no rabbi, but they were so kind and friendly to me. I was amused to find that the calendar on the wall was the one from Temple Emanu-el.

Home again, home again, and time to get ready for Dreya to come visit on her way back to San Diego.
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There was a sale and we also had Amazon credit, so I ordered the 7' Kindle Fire. Especially since now it's available in purple (or, as they call it, magenta). It ended up being less than $30.

I like how the packing was minimal; a cardboard sleeve with the item in a plastic bag inside. It was half the weight of my Samsung 10' tablet (inherited from Sigyn) and while the plastic back felt a little cheap, that didn't bother me.

What bothered me was that when I put in my 8 GB SD card, it didn't read a single thing on it. Even the .mobi files. That was the entire reason for me buying it, so even though it felt perfect in my hand and the screen looked great, I decided that it was just going to be another electronic around my house. I already have a Kindle Paperwhite, so having a lightweight device to read with is covered. The Samsung is for PDF books, epubs, and books with colour pictures.

Back to my gigantic tablet, then.
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I finally own a copy of "Star Wars: A New Hope". Or, speaking as a senior citizen, just plain "Star Wars".

We had $40 in credit from Bookman's, the Arizona used-media chain. You get in-store credit for trading in books, music, musical instruments, art, etc. I went to the big one on Speedway Blvd hoping to find a copy, since there were none at the other two locations in town.

They had one copy of the DVD, so I snagged it. It's not the two-disc "limited edition" that contains the CGI-desecrated version as well as the original as it was shown in theaters in 1977. But even the CGI-desecrated version is better than no copy at all. It restores one of the scenes with Luke's friend Biggs, at least.

Such a wonderful movie. People may argue with me, but I do think "The Force Awakens" was a worthy sequel to "Episodes 4-6", and seeing this reminded me of why. Both films definitely have the same "gosh-wow" spirit and theme of the accidental hero. (I prefer to pretend the prequels don't exist.)

I also got something else I'd been wanting forever, namely a hardcover one-volume Lord of the Rings. It's not the edition I most covet, which is the red faux leather edition, but it was $8, so it has pride of place on my nightstand.

Today things were a bit tense at home, so I took off again for Bookmans with a huge bag of DVDs to trade in. Bookmans took everything and gave me about $30 of credit, $7.50 of which I used to buy two more volumes in the Kevin Hearnes "Iron Druid" series. Since I'm going to Huachuca for two weeks starting next Sunday, I figured it'd be a good time to read them, although I'm bringing my Kindle with me too, of course. Then I went next door to Beyond Bread and wrote fanfic and had a scone and tea until it was time for my conversion group meeting over at the synagogue.

I came home and put Chug on his harness and seatbelt so I could drive around a little bit to see how he dealt with it. He complained of course, but not very loudly once we were off the dirt roads. He's coming with me to Ft. Huachuca since Candlewood Suites allows pets in the rooms. This is probably my last Army Reserve Annual Training, so I'm making it as comfortable as possible.

Oh, I got my application to the Veteran's Administration in for a Disability rating. I filed through Disabled American Veterans, who said if I get denied or given an insultingly low rating to come right back to them and file the appeal. We'll see what happens.
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It was in England, in a lakeside village. It had some kind of ghost problem, so this bunch of teenage paranormal investigators (in the dream they reminded me of the Scooby-Doo gang, though no one said it in the dream) came to see what was going on.

There was Old (village name), which was flooded. All that was left was the cross from the steeple of the church. The gang went out to investigate, and the village god started appearing. He was a lake god, who was a bearded man in a heavy hooded robe, who would be seen standing in the shallows of the lake, looking but never saying anything.

When the gang rowed out in a boat to the cross, they discovered it wasn’t actually a cross. It was just a T-shape or cross shape of metal. It kept changing forms, starting as a cross of rebar, then a T of pipes, and finally an antenna with a smaller dish-shaped antenna on it.
They went back to the village, and one of the teens went running in order to get in touch with the ghosts. This was in the neighbourhood where I grew up.

I/he passed a pile of stuffed animals on the sidewalk that was connected to an earlier dream (?) where there had been an abused child. The teen thought the stuffed animals had been rained on, and would be moldy, so he didn’t take any. At the end he was running through a paneled hall, and came out to say that the ghosts wanted all the sports the local high school played incorporated into the school cheer, not just football. He was told that he’d been gone for six weeks. The lake god was looking at him.
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I received an unexpected but VERY welcome phone call today from a nurse/case manager at Army Reserve Health Readiness. Long story short, I now have a P3 profile, which means I can't run anymore, and must do the 2.5 mile walk for PT tests. This automatically raises the question, "Do you want to stay in the Army, or do you want a Medical Evaluation Board?"

"The MEB, please," I said.

The reason is this. If I argue at the MEB that all my injuries and my COPD are service-related (which they are), I can be medically *retired* rather than just medically discharged. A medical retirement means I keep all my military benefits until I die. I also get to take all that paperwork to the V.A. and say, "Give my my pension."

So it's official. I am too broken to be in the Army. My Annual Training next month will be my last hurrah. I'll go to drill except for when I don't want to.

Get me out of this.
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I know both[ profile] wombat_socho and [ profile] bork have advised me away from the $49.99 Kindle Fire 7'. What about the next step up, the 6'? I'm perfectly fine with special offers; I have those on my paperwhite.

The 10 inch Samsung tablet we have is nice and functional but it's too big for my hands. I don't think the iPad is anything special, and it's expensive. The Fire is the most economical tablet out there, and I did love my first-generation one.
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And thank goodness for Kindle anthologies of novels. Since I'm still unemployed, I'm reading a lot, although not as much as I could be. The Pima County library system can't hold a candle to San Diego's, but it still has a lot that I want to read.

I've read the first in the "Emperor's Edge" series. I got the first three books for 99 cents after reading the first one for free. I have a friend who is an absolute fanatic for these kinda steampunk but not really novels. I enjoyed the first one but haven't gotten to the next ones.

Kevin Hearne's "Iron Druid" series is a complete guilty pleasure. It is an urban fantasy reminiscent of Harry Dresden in that the main character is a grown-up but juvenile-acting wizard. It takes place in Phoenix, AZ and deals with the Celtic pantheon coming through in the modern world. I'm ashamed to admit I gobble these up like ice cream.

The Templar series by Joseph Nassisse. I don't feel as guilty about liking these. The Templars are now the special forces of the Vatican. Nassisse knows Catholicism, and I find myself geeking out because he gets things like uses of relics and magical uses of Church doctrine right. I now have five of these, and have read the first two.

I'm almost done with Acacia: War Against The Mein by David Anthony Durham. It's compared to George RR Martin, of course, but this first book in a trilogy has none of the mean-spiritedness. I'm 75 pages from the end and NO RAPE. Awful things happen, but off-screen and without detail. I'm very much looking forward to the other volumes.
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I discovered the Pagan news site "The Wild Hunt" a good ten years ago, I think. It was really enjoyable to have a place to read stories on pagan events, personalities, and issues. But a couple of years ago, Jason Pizl-Waters left, and it's degenerated into what I think of as an agglomeration of blogs, with lots of heaping servings of navel-gazing.

So today I removed it from my friends page. It's a shame because there are lots of headlines to follow and instead I get people talking about themselves, and long rambles about politics. Nothing I need in my life. Bye.
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Went to therapy
Did my DTS and I think that finally my travel voucher went through.
Worked on paperwork for my walking profile (so I no longer have to do the run on the PT test)
Applied for a job
Followed up on two jobs
Cleaned up in the kitchen
Wrote half a page of original fiction.
Go me!
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[ profile] helenkacan will possibly not be sympathetic, but I am in a world of pain. All the driving I have to do in my daily life, plus a really bad office chair, plus stress equal lower back pain. Bad enough pain that last night, when I tried to roll over I would have pain that made me yelp. I'm taking Naproxen and Tiger Balm seems to also help.

Despite not sleeping well, I had a good job interview. The attorney's assistant is retiring, and he kept telling me how impressive my resume is. If nothing else, I got an ego boost.

I stopped at Einstein Bros to get a bagel and soda as I wrote my thank you note. I keep a card in my briefcase whenever I have an interview, already addressed to the interviewer. I ran into our mail carrier as I was nearing the village, so I was able to hand it directly to her.


Feb. 21st, 2016 02:52 pm
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George RR Martin's "not a blog" where all he does is talk about the Hugo Awards, his lame arts cinema and the NFL, has fallen off the LJ Top 10. Can't imagine why.

More steps

Feb. 10th, 2016 11:33 am
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With the power of YouTube, I figured out why my seams were coming out as big knots of thread. I then brought out my favourite polo shirt, which was losing its hem at the bottom, and repaired it.

I went to our local thrift store and bought a pretty pink flat sheet for $1.50 in order to turn it into something. Possibly a basic skirt. I've seen those on YouTube as well.

Lent has begun in the western Church. While I haven't observed in years, for some reason I've been off booze. Thursday night, Steve brought home a bottle of wine from his old university, Cal Poly Pomona, and we shared it. Since then I've just been drinking water and I don't know why. I'm hoping this leads to a little weight loss.


Jan. 24th, 2016 09:35 pm
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That's the word for the year, and I've done all right so far.

Saturday, Steve and I went to the National Guard gym. Saturday morning is a good time to insure you have the gym to yourself, and don't have to work around the homoerotic posing of various dudebros. Seriously guys, take that to a private gym.

After showers, we went to get lunch, then over to our local fabric store to find material to make a skirt. YouTube has some helpful videos on sewing simple ones. I came away with the elastic I'll use, but I think starting out using a flat bedsheet from a thrift store would be a better beginning because that'll be cheap.

I had put a mother-of-pearl crescent moon on my traveler's notebook as a charm, but it broke. I wanted a Tree of Life theme, and found a small tree pendant at Michael's, so that's on my notebook now.

Today I did some more work on my Brothers Hematic Space Marines, and thought some more about their backstory and how to tell it. Black Library has an open submission for freelancers, and I know someone who got a contract that way, so maybe....

Finally, Steve and I decided to start watching the original Star Trek from the beginning. There are episodes I have not seen in decades. Someone on Tumblr wrote that James Kirk is NOT a womanizer, that he just falls in love very, very easily, and that he is actually more feminist than a lot of male main characters now. This has already started in "Charlie X" where he spends a lot of time trying to tell a 17 year old who was raised by bodiless aliens about consensual and non-consensual touching.

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