Mar. 2nd, 2016

lady_kishiria: (I'm poopin')
[ profile] helenkacan will possibly not be sympathetic, but I am in a world of pain. All the driving I have to do in my daily life, plus a really bad office chair, plus stress equal lower back pain. Bad enough pain that last night, when I tried to roll over I would have pain that made me yelp. I'm taking Naproxen and Tiger Balm seems to also help.

Despite not sleeping well, I had a good job interview. The attorney's assistant is retiring, and he kept telling me how impressive my resume is. If nothing else, I got an ego boost.

I stopped at Einstein Bros to get a bagel and soda as I wrote my thank you note. I keep a card in my briefcase whenever I have an interview, already addressed to the interviewer. I ran into our mail carrier as I was nearing the village, so I was able to hand it directly to her.

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