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When I started here, I was put in the office of a sergeant who was out for the week. He had a crucifix on his bookshelf, a Divine Mercy print, and a Catholic parish calendar. There was also an anti-"gay agenda" book on his desk. I thought this was rather inappropriate for a government office but whatever.

He came in on Friday and by that afternoon I passed him talking to a captain downstairs about how the civil rights movement has led to gays flaunting their sexuality because "How would we know what they're doing in bed unless they talked about it?"

I bit my tongue, wanting to point out that the fact that he has photos of himself, his wife,and their baby in his office qualifies as "flaunting sexuality".

On Monday I passed him AGAIN as he was griping about gays. At this point my "repressed homosexual" alarm is starting to go off, because it's common experience that the louder a man gripes about gays, the sooner it is that they're found in a highway rest stop with someone's dick in their mouth.

Today as we were doing our PT run he passes me, talking to the same captain as before about how "we" are finding out that contraception is bad for women, physically and psychologically.

Then it hit me. That new-convert smell. It's not always a good smell, and it sure isn't here.

We reach the PT field and now he's talking about abortion and how lawmakers re-define "kill" and taking innocent lives. "No abortion talk before 0830!" announces the female attorney. He kept talking about what "thou shalt not kill" meant. Finally I said, "Did you know that in Leviticus, the fetus is viewed as just another part of the woman, not a life in itself?"

"No fetuses before 0830!" the attorney said again.

"You're a convert, aren't you?" I finally asked and yes, of course he is!

Later that morning I overheard her telling him that things like this could bring about EO complaints. I would tell him to his face that he's being offensive before I filed an EO complaint, and I still might tell him he's being rude and wrong.
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Because terminating a pregnancy, is SO MUCH WORSE than the death penalty, torture, child soldiers, etc.

Someone needs to get their priorities straight.
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I didn't know there was such a thing, but there is, so I'll get this done before midnight.

You often hear women say, "Well, I'd never have an abortion, but I support the right of any other woman to do it." That's not me. I can think of any number of reasons why I might have an abortion, and so I am pro-choice.

I want to see RU-486 brought into this country. It seems to me that pro-liars don't want it because they won't be able to wave their bloody fetus photos around since it induces abortions at a stage where the embryo is microscopic. You have to realize, I support legal abortion even MORE than I support it because I can't stand the pro-life crowd.

I've said that I do yearn for a day when abortion is no more. Seriously, I do. That would mean all contraception worked, that there was no rape and that all women were prosperous enough so that an unplanned pregnancy wouldn't be a big deal. That sounds good, doesn't it? When I pray for an end to abortion, that's what I mean. I don't think pro-liars mean the same thing.
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...I guess I'd be really fucked (Napoli'd?) if I called to ask him what makes a good substitute for a poblano chile if I'm making chiles rellenos...

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