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Jun. 27th, 2011 04:40 pm
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Politics. Skip if uninterested:

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One thing that drives me insane is when people, normally neocons, pound their chests for war without ever having served in the military, even in peacetime, and furthermore, don't do so much as to even send an Any Soldiers package. These same neocons hotly defend their right to call for war while being staunchly NIMBY with regard to their own personal involvement.

When called chickenhawks, they defend themselves by saying it's a fallacy. Curious about what their arguments are, I went to this entry, www.dkosopedia.com/wiki/Chickenhawk, and realized that debunking their arguments was too, too easy. Read more... )
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Okay, this is about SOME pagan musicians' choice of subject matter. Read on if you wish; be aware I'm rather pissed off:

Okay, as I think everybody here knows, while I'm not a pagan, I'm a noisy defender of the path (which reminds me, I need to post some links on the struggle to get the pentagram added to the list of DoD-approved tombstone symbols), but as with all religions including my own, there are some lines of bullshit in it that just get my dander up.

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Anyway, I think I've made my point. Late medieval Europe was a gory, gory place. So gory in fact that it seems to me childish to want to invent outrages in order to claim victim status. Claiming victim status is obnoxious enough behaviour on its own. It's clear on the most cursory of levels that "the Inquisition" persecuting "ten million women" is a line that ignores the most basic facts of European history. It is a lie and as such does not serve the cause of either feminism or paganism. Stop writing songs about it. Especially good ones.

* Inkubus Sukubus gets particularly...inventive...with history when they start the song "Church of Madness" with a line about "the red and white knights of the Catholic Church." I presume they mean the Templars. Who were eradicated on charges of witchcraft. CAN THESE PEOPLE NOT PICK UP STINKIN' HISTORY BOOK!!!!!!?????

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